South Florida Co-Counsel Lawyers Need Help Preparing For Trial?

Preparing for trial does not begin when you get a trial order in from the court. It does not begin when you put the case in suit. Preparing for trial begins the first moment you meet with your client and sign up the case. In fact, most insurance companies have already started their investigation, spoken to witnesses and maybe even obtained a recorded statement from your client by the time you've gotten the case. While most plaintiff's attorneys think they control the process of litigating the case and moving it toward trial, they often do not realize that they are working from behind even at the earliest stages.

Greenberg Stone & Urbano knows what it takes to try a case, and more importantly, what it takes to prepare to try a case. We are available to assist fellow attorneys, as trial counsel and as co-counsel, working on the case together, throughout the country. The attorneys of Greenberg Stone & Urbano regularly try cases throughout Florida, predominately in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties, and have also tried cases in New York, Connecticut and other states.

The nationwide injury attorneys of Greenberg Stone & Urbano are able to assist you and your firm in a number of ways, ranging from strictly advisory to full participation. We know how to detect issues, uncover additional sources of coverage and find new theories of liability. In our practice, we stress early contact with witnesses and hiring the right experts to evaluate the matter, both in terms of liability and damages. Like UCLA basketball coach John Wooden once said, the will to win must be exceeded by the will to prepare to win.

Greenberg Stone & Urbano has the resources, both in terms of experience and finances, to help you work up a case and maximize its potential. You should never be afraid to retain the right expert or travel to attend an out-of-state deposition in person because of the cost. With our firm by your side, we can help you grow your practice and grow it right.

As trial looms, Greenberg Stone & Urbano can also help, with matters ranging from jury selection, preparation of exhibits, developing themes and maximizing damages. Stewart Greenberg has tried well over 50 cases to verdict, and has authored the lecture Strategies for Achieving Personal Injury Excellence. For more on his qualifications and accolades, please visit his biography page.

Personal injury and medical malpractice cases are full of difficult issues, subtle nuances and potential land mines. Let the experienced nationwide injury attorneys of Greenberg Stone & Urbano help you navigate through these treacherous waters. We can help your client achieve the greatest recovery possible, and help you take your practice to new heights. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you.