Head-On Collisions

South Florida Head-On Car Accidents Lawyer Stewart G. Greenberg

If you suffered injuries or you lost a loved one as a result of a head-on collision and you need legal assistance, the Miami lawyers of Greenberg Stone & Urbano are ready to assist you.

For obvious reasons, head-on car crashes are considered one of the deadliest types of car accidents. Typically, the injuries caused by this type of car accidents are devastating, often resulting in traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries or death.

Head-On Crashes

This type of accidents happens as two vehicles crash against each other with their front ends colliding directly or at an angle. Given the force of two cars moving in opposite directions and colliding with one another, these are the deadliest type of car accidents.

Moreover, when the accident is between an average family car and a heavier vehicle, catastrophic injuries or death are likely to result. Although rural roads see a great amount of head-on collisions, these also occur on highways. They typically occur when a vehicle is trying to pass another by going on the opposing lanes; when a car fails to properly turn a curve and heads onto oncoming traffic; or when a car drifts across into the opposite lanes. These accidents are also caused by weather conditions like snow, rain and ice.

Considering the gravity of the injuries typically caused by in these accidents, it is usually advised that you take any evasive action you can to avoid a head-on collision when you see a vehicle coming directly at you. Of course, this includes going onto the side of the road. However, sometimes it does not matter what you do and you just can't avoid the collision.

Protect Your Legal Rights

If you or a loved one suffered injuries in a Fort Lauderdale head-on crash, and you were not at fault for the accident, you may be entitled money damages for your injuries, your damaged property, the time you missed at work, to pay for your hospital bills and even for disability, if you end up disabled. If someone dies as a result of this type of accident, the relatives of the deceased person may also have a right to money damages.

You must remember that the lawyers and the insurance company for the party at fault for the accident are likely to approach you with offers to settle the case under terms that are unlikely to benefit you so that they can obtain a more favorable result for their client. Remember that these insurance companies and lawyers for the party at fault do not represent you and are only trying to obtain the best results for their client. Consequently, if you are involved in a head-on collision, you should immediately hire an experienced law firm to represent your interests and protect your rights. The lawyers at Greenberg Stone & Urbano want to help you get the compensation you may deserve if you were involved in a head-on car accident for which you were not at fault in West Palm Beach.

Injuries Caused By A Head-On Collision

The injuries resulting from these crashes are typically catastrophic and usually include traumatic brain injuries and spinal cord injuries that may result in paralysis. These types of serious injuries may cause you to miss extended periods from work, to get medical bills that keep accumulating, to need expensive medical equipment, and rehabilitation therapy. Moreover, many of these car accidents end up causing death.

The Aftermath Of A Head-On Collision

This type of accident can change your life completely. If you were involved in a South Florida car accident, would you know what to do? How would you find legal help and who would stand up for you during those difficult times? How would you pay your medical expenses, as well as rehabilitation therapy or needed medical equipment? Would you know what are the lasting effects or needs of a head-on collision accident victim? How would you pay for the repair of your vehicle or buy a new one if it is declared a total loss? How about the time you missed from work? If the insurance adjusters call you, what would you tell them? What if you end up permanently disabled, with brain damage or worst, dead? The experienced lawyers of Greenberg Stone & Urbano help answer these questions for their clients or their relatives.

The Fort Lauderdale lawyers of Greenberg Stone & Urbano deal daily with these problems. When you hire a lawyer to represent you in a car accident claim, it is important that you ask if they know Florida law as it pertains to motor vehicle accidents. Our lawyers have more than 130 year of combined experience helping Miami accident victims with car accident claims recover compensation for their medical expenses, lost salaries, and pain and suffering. Maybe we can help you too.

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