Community Service

South Florida Community Service Greenberg Stone & Urbano

The commitment of our Miami accident attorneys to helping injury victims and insurance policyholders for more than a century is mirrored by our dedication to promoting the welfare of our community. At Greenberg Stone & Urbano, our lawyers and support staff live in the area, so we share a deep connection with the people in our neighborhoods throughout Miami, Boca Raton and Weston. We value our opportunity to advocate for the injured, and we are dedicated to serving the people of South Florida both in and out of the courtroom. Our attorneys appreciate the benefits of living in our beautiful locale and the people who make our part of the country special.

Our compassion for those in our area is not limited to our clients; rather we have empathy for the many people in our community who face personal difficulties. Devastating illnesses like heart disease, cancer and diabetes tragically touch many Florida families. Many others are impacted by the challenging economic hardships of our times. Because our attorneys at Greenberg Stone & Urbano understand we are fortunate to be part of this area's citizenry, we acknowledge and embrace our responsibility to reach out and help others.

Our entire law firm has a long foundation of community involvement and service. Our attorneys and support staff annually engage in pro bono legal work for those who are struggling with personal challenges or facing financial hardships. Our senior partner Stewart Greenberg, for example, was a member of the board of directors of the Jewish Adoption and Foster Care Organization (JAFCO). He also served as chair for the organization's capital fundraising campaign dedicated to funding the Children's Village in Sunrise, Florida.

Our attorneys and law firm has taken an active role in a diverse array of charitable events and organizations. Greenberg Stone & Urbano sponsored and participated in the VisionWalk in Ft. Lauderdale. This charitable organization is dedicated to combating common causes of blindness. Our law firm also has participated in a walk to fund cancer research and participates in other activities aimed at promoting the assistance of current cancer victims and future diagnostic and treatment regimens. Our efforts to provide outreach with legal services to the public also includes our participation in the Miami-Dade court program, put something back.

Our law firm continually searches out ways to serve the area that we call home and the people with whom we share this wonderful place to live, work and serve others. If you are involved with or feel passionately about a cause, we invite you to contact us to discuss how we can help. We work with a broad spectrum of civil organizations of all sizes. Our law firm recognizes that we must all work together to make South Florida a better place and to support those who struggle with challenges.

Our Miami personal injury lawyers at Greenberg Stone & Urbano collectively have been pursuing financial compensation for clients injured by accidental and intentional misconduct of individuals, public entities and businesses for over a hundred years. At our law firm, we practice law based on the premise that our clients are more than a "client file" or "personal injury case;" they are parents, siblings, children and long-time friends of their loved ones. Our Florida personal injury attorneys take on wrongful individuals and entities and their insurance companies with the tenacity, commitment and experience to pursue the best outcome for those we represent.

Because we have represented thousands of injury victims during our many decades representing personal injury victims and families of wrongful death victims, we have learned that many people ask similar questions and express the same concerns. These FAQs are provided to answer many of these preliminary issues, but we invite you to speak to one of our experienced personal injury attorney about your unique situation. To get answers to more specific questions or more specific information, call our Miami personal injury attorneys to schedule a free consultation.