Claims Against Insurers For Loss Of Property/Examinations Under Oath (EUO)

Each and every insurance policy covering personal or business property has a provision in it known as an "examination under oath" or, commonly referred to as EUO.

EUOs are the insurance company's opportunity to take a sworn statement from their insured early on in a claim to "lock the witness into his testimony." Insurance companies often try to take EUOs before insureds hire a lawyer. This is a strategic move on the behalf of the insurance carriers and could turn out to be a fatal blow to the policyholder's claim. I have read through many EUOs where the questions were worded in such a way as to be confusing and misleading to the insured who is giving a statement under oath. These questions were asked by the insurance company in a way that benefited the insurance company and enabled the insurance carrier to frame a denial of the claim as either "uncovered by the policy," "excluded by the policy," "fraudulent," or other reasons that they could come up with to deny coverage.

Therefore, it is imperative that you have proper representation if you need to file a claim against your insurance carrier for property loss. Once you have given a statement under oath, and filed your proof of loss (POL), and sworn to it before a notary, the fate of your claim is decided. It is important to remember that although insurance companies like to tell you that "you are in good hands," or that "they are on your side," they are not. Insurance companies are big businesses who exist to make money for their shareholders. You on the other hand have suffered what is most likely a devastating loss which is emotional to both you and your family. You are not in the "claims business" and need the representation of someone who is.

If you have a claim for property damage or lost business and wish to make a claim, contact the law firm of Greenberg Stone & Urbano.