Hurricane Damage Claims Against Insurance Agents

There are different types of hurricane and windstorm insurance policies, each offering different kinds of coverage. For example, while some policies cover damage caused by wind, heavy rains and hail, others cover damage caused by flood. Consequently, home and business owners (or the banks that hold the liens on their properties) seek the professional advice of insurance agents to help them choose the right kind of coverage.

Unfortunately, sometimes these homeowners or business owners are left unprotected because their insurance agent failed to get them the right kind of coverage. When that happens, the financial results may be devastating for years to come because they were not able to get the money they desperately needed to repair the damages caused to their property by a hurricane or other windstorm.

Similarly, policyholders may not be aware of the agents' errors or omissions until a loss has occurred, which is why it is a good idea to have an attorney with experience handling insurance claims review their policy before any loss occurs. If the agent made a mistake, they may have a claim against the insurance agent for errors and omissions that resulted in the policyholder getting the wrong coverage. An example of these kinds of claims is the agent's failure to obtain equal or greater coverage than the value of the homeowner's mortgage, leaving the homeowner owing money to their mortgage lender should their house become a total loss as a result of a hurricane.

A hurricane damages lawyer can help these home and business owners get the money they need to make the necessary repairs to their properties. The Miami property insurance claims attorneys of Greenberg Stone & Urbano can help home and business owners file an insurance claim against both their insurance company and their insurance agent. If it turns out that the home or business owner did not have the proper coverage due to the negligence of their insurance agent; we can help them pursue a negligence claim against the insurance agent.

Claims Against Insurance Agents For Errors And Omissions

Sometimes, the agent's error or omission may be the result of simple negligence. However, sometimes it may be the result of a misrepresentation by an agent a bit too eager to earn that home or business owner's business. If so, the agent may have violated Florida's Deceptive and Unfair Practices Act and/or the Florida Statute Insurance Code. An attorney with experience handing hurricane damage claims can help you determine whether the agent acted unfairly or illegally. Moreover, regardless of whether the agent's actions were malicious or not, a lawyer with experience handling claims for errors and omissions can help you file a claim against the insurance agent.

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