About Contingency Fees

What Is A Contingency Fee Agreement? Florida Personal Injury Legal Fees Explained

Contingency fee agreements open the doors of the courthouse to everyone. If lawyers charged by the hour for personal injury cases, most people wouldn't be able to afford attorneys' legal fees. The cost of justice would be too high.

In personal injury and wrongful death cases, the South Florida law firm of Greenberg Stone & Urbano, does not bill by the hour. Instead, we offer our clients contingency fee agreements.

What Is A Contingency Fee Agreement?

In a contingency fee agreement, we agree with each client that our legal fees will be calculated as a percentage of the financial award we achieve for the client. The fee agreement is carefully explained in advance, before any retainer agreements are signed.

We also advance all costs and fees associated with investigating the legal claim and bringing the lawsuit, including court costs and expert witness fees. Our clients pay absolutely no money up front and pay us nothing at all if we do not win their cases.

Once the case is concluded, we subtract our fee from the settlement or verdict amount, and the client reimburses our law firm for the costs associated with bringing the case.

What Are The Benefits Of A Contingency Fee Agreement?

The main benefit of a contingency fee agreement is that it allows people to hire lawyers who otherwise wouldn't be able to afford legal representation.

Contingency fees also encourage our legal team to do our very best work for every client. We ride out each case with each client — the better our clients do, the better we do.

We also have incentive to move our clients' cases forward efficiently, for their benefit as well as ours. We want to maximize our clients' recovery, because then our fees are maximized. At the same time, we need to work efficiently because we are not charging for individual phone calls or meetings.

We Carefully Screen Every Case

It is understandable that we carefully screen potential cases before agreeing to represent a client who has suffered injury or loss. We only invest in cases that we believe in and that we believe are fair and just causes.

Request A Complimentary Case Evaluation

If you have questions about your legal rights after a serious injury or fatal accident, we encourage you to learn more about our law firm and legal team. Or, contact us to schedule a consultation at one of our South Florida offices. Call toll free 888-499-9700 or use our online contact form.