Car Accident Cases

Car Accident Cases: Past Results Of Greenberg Stone & Urbano Miami Automobile Accident Lawsuit Settlements And Verdicts

Greenberg Stone & Urbano is a Florida personal injury law firm whose attorneys have more than 130 years' combined legal experience. This page describes a selection of car accident cases we have handled over the last several decades. For more information, call toll free 888-499-9700.

Driver Of Vehicle Failed To Stop At A Flashing Red Light, Causing A Violent Rollover Collision

Plaintiff is a 27-year-old Cuban American male who was riding to work in a vehicle operated by a national transportation network company. The driver of the vehicle failed to stop at a flashing red light, causing a violent rollover collision at the intersection with another vehicle. The plaintiff sustained significant hip, back, neck and shoulder injuries. This case was successfully resolved by a settlement prior to litigation.

44-Year-Old Single Father Broadsided By A Commercial Van

Plaintiff is a 44-year-old single father who was broadsided by a commercial van. Plaintiff sustained multiple spine injuries, requiring therapy, pain management and ultimately surgical intervention. Defendants strongly contested liability and litigated their case. A substantial confidential settlement was reached shortly after mediation and just before the trial commenced.

Van Operator Made A Sudden And Sharp Left Turn Causing Injuries To A Passenger

An 83-year-old was the passenger in a clinic transport van. The van operator made a sudden and sharp left turn and the unrestrained plaintiff was tossed from her seat. As a result, she sustained a fracture to a vertebra in her lumbar spine. The matter was resolved prior to initiating litigation.

An Out-Of-State Driver Rear-Ended A 43 Year Old Man On Northwest 36 Street

We represented a 43-year-old man who was rear-ended on Northwest 36 Street by an out-of-state driver who was in a rental vehicle. Over three years after the accident, our client had shoulder surgery. The defendant's insurance company denied that the shoulder injury was related to the accident. The defendant's insurance company hired a doctor who examined our client and it was his opinion that the shoulder injury was not related to the accident. When we filed suit, after our attorneys flew to New York and took the deposition of the defendant driver, the defendant's insurance company offered the entire policy limits as a settlement in the case and our client accepted.

An Out-Of-State Semitractor-Trailer Veered Into The Lane Of Traffic And Struck A Vehicle

Two friends were traveling in a car in South Florida. A semi-tractor-trailer, from out-of-state veered into their lane of traffic and struck their vehicle. Greenberg Stone & Urbano was able to help the passenger in the vehicle qualify for PIP (personal injury protection) benefits even though he did not own a car. Greenberg Stone & Urbano also secured medical care for the passenger who did not have health insurance. A substantial recovery was negotiated for both the driver and the passenger with the out-of-state insurance company.

An Arizona Man Had A Car Accident In Florida

An Arizona man drove to Florida, and while in Florida was injured in a car accident. Greenberg Stone & Urbano was able to coordinate medical benefits through his Arizona car insurance policy. We were also able to obtain the policy limits from the insurance policy of the individual who was at fault, as well as the policy limits from the Arizona driver's uninsured motorist policy.

Miami Beach Pedestrian Struck And Pinned Between Two Vehicles

We recently reached a seven-figure settlement for compensatory and punitive damages for a 46-year-old business investor that was struck while a pedestrian, and pinned between two vehicles. The client, a resident of Miami Beach, suffered severe lower extremity injuries that required multiple surgeries and months of rehabilitation. The trauma of being pinned has left the client with deep, emotional scars. The defendant was on her way home from a Vodka tasting party in South Beach and was charged with driving under the influence and leaving the scene of an accident.

Car Accident Results In Child's Quadriplegia And Mother's Wrongful Death

We received a $22 million-dollar settlement that resulted in the state of Florida's then highest-ever claims' bill on behalf of a family that was devastated by a horrific motor vehicle accident. The accident left the then 5-year-old girl a quadriplegic and ventilator-dependent, severely injured her young sister, and resulted in the wrongful death of their mother. Though this case was two decades ago, the settlement has helped the young girl exceed all expectations and live a wonderful life.

Fatal Florida Turnpike Car Accident Results In Three Deaths

Three elderly Miami women were killed when the vehicle in which they were traveling was struck by another car on the Florida turnpike and forced off the road into a nearby canal. The wrongful death case was tried to a verdict and we received an award from a Miami-Dade County jury in excess of $5.6 million.

Boca Raton Car Accident Permanently Injures Elderly Man

We settled a case on behalf of an elderly Boca Raton man who was injured in a Palm Beach County parking lot. The man was leaving a store and walking to his car when the defendant, while backing up to enter a parking spot, ran him over and knocked him to the ground. The man, a Holocaust survivor, sustained a completely torn rotator cuff that could not be surgically repaired due to his age.

Coral Springs Teen Joyriding Car Accident Seriously Injures Passenger

We reached a confidential settlement in a case where a 17-year-old girl suffered fractures to both hips, her acetabulum and pelvis in a devastating automobile accident. The girl, a Broward County resident, was a passenger in the new car of her friend, also a teenager, who negligently sped out of a Coral Springs parking lot while joyriding. They were broadsided by an SUV-type vehicle that was unable to stop or avoid the impact. The significant fractures left the young woman hospitalized for more than a week and incapacitated for over one month.

Deerfield Beach Rear-End Collision Car Accident

We received the policy limits from the insurance carrier of the at-fault driver in a Deerfield Beach rear-end collision. Our client, a Boca Raton woman, suffered a torn rotator cuff and neck injuries when she was violently hit from behind while stopped at a red light on Hillsboro Boulevard. After quickly and thoroughly conducting our initial investigation, we sent the insurance carrier our demand with the surgical report, medical bills and the accident report. The case was settled within three months of our involvement.

Palm Beach County Man Suffers Compression Fracture In Rear-End Car Accident

A Palm Beach County senior citizen suffered a compression fracture in his spine as a result of a rear-end collision on East Ocean Boulevard in Lantana. The man underwent immediate corrective surgery and fortunately made a good recovery. The suit was filed on an expedited basis and the case resolved shortly thereafter.

Speeding SUV Kills A Plantation Woman Waiting For Roadside Assistance

A Plantation woman was killed when her car broke down on I-595 in Davie, Florida. As she was standing in the emergency lane awaiting help, a speeding SUV struck her and killed her. The at-fault driver, the general manager of a Cadillac dealership, contended he was traveling within the speed limit. Our prompt involvement and careful investigation allowed us to recover the vehicle's black box (event data recorder) which showed that the driver was actually traveling more than 20 miles per hour over the posted speed limit. We were able to recover a substantial settlement in the ensuing wrongful death action on behalf of the woman's two minor children.

T-Bone Car Collision Results In Torn Shoulder Joint

A 37-year-old Miami man was injured when a woman attempted to make an improper left-hand turn in front of his vehicle, causing a T-bone collision. The man sustained a partially torn labrum in his left shoulder, and we recovered a substantial settlement for him before trial.

Broadside Car Accident Results In Tragic Death Of Mother Of Three

A young mother of three was tragically killed while a passenger in the vehicle of her sister. The Fort Pierce resident, just 32 at the time of her death, was killed instantly when a car traveling at an extremely high speed broadsided the passenger side of the vehicle in which she was traveling. A substantial and confidential settlement was reached at a pre-suit mediation conference.

South Miami Drunk Driver Kills Teenager After Speeding Through Flashing Red Light

A 19-year-old resident of South Miami was killed when a drunk driver sped through a flashing red light in the early morning hours. The impact caused the Ford Explorer in which he was a back-seat passenger to rollover and strike a nearby concrete pole. We successfully obtained the policy limits from the drunk driver's insurance carrier, the carrier of the driver of the vehicle in which our client was traveling and our client's underinsured motorist carrier.

Reckless Driving Causes Scarring To Young Girl's Face

A 7-year-old girl sustained a laceration to the bridge of her nose, causing a small scar, when a car in Hialeah improperly cut in front of her father's vehicle, causing him to swerve and strike a nearby tree at full speed. The 10,000 policy limits of the at-fault driver were tendered shortly after suit was filed. We recovered bodily injury and underinsured motorist policy limits.

Drunk Driver Crushes Pedestrian Between Two Cars

A Miami woman was crushed and pinned between two parked cars when a drunk driver slammed into one of the cars, causing it to move forward and strike the car in front. The injured woman, an immigrant and independent small-business owner, was walking toward the curb behind the parked car when the at-fault driver, who had been drinking at a vodka tasting nearby, slammed into the parked car. She sustained catastrophic injuries to her leg, back neck and head. The case is currently in suit and criminal proceedings are also underway.

Drunk Driver Rear-Ends Boca Raton Student

A Parkland man driving his Hummer while drunk rear-ended a Boca Raton student who was stopped at the corner of Glades Road and Powerline Road. The young man, who also owns his own business as a mechanic, sustained a severe shoulder injury, damaging his ability to work at his profession and affecting his ability to lead a normal life. The negligent drunk driver avoided jail time, but we will be filing suit to ensure that he is held responsible for the damages he caused.

Krome Avenue Crash Results In The Death Of A Husband, Father And Grandfather

A 65-year-old husband was driving his car northbound on Krome Avenue, in Miami-Dade County, when a Southbound car crossed the center line, striking his car and causing his death. His widow sought the representation of Stewart G. Greenberg to help her and her family deal with the tragic loss of life. Although the insurer for the driver and owner only had $10,000 in bodily injury coverage, the insurance company failed to tender the funds for over three months. After suit was filed, a check for $10,000 was delivered to Greenberg Stone & Urbano. Mr. Greenberg promptly returned the check stating that the tender was untimely. Discovery and litigation ensued and a jury trial was held wherein the jury awarded the widow over $2.6 million. After the verdict was read, and while the parties were still in court, one of the defense lawyers came over to Mr. Greenberg and said, "your client will never see a single dime." Thereafter, a bad faith claim was filed against the insurance company. The defense lawyer was a prophet. The defense lawyer was correct as a "single dime" was not paid, but, rather 200,000,000 million dimes ($2 million) were paid by the insurance carrier in the end!

Boca Raton Crash Results In Verdict Above Policy Limits

A wife and mother was rear-ended in Boca Raton, Florida. The woman, a nurse at the time of the crash, sustained an injury to her neck. The lawyer's at Greenberg Stone & Urbano demanded that the insurance carrier for the at-fault driver tender their policy limits and filed a proposal for settlement within the at-fault driver's policy coverage. The insurance carrier did not pay and partner Stewart G. Greenberg tried the case before a Palm Beach County jury. The jury returned a verdict for more than 125% of the proposal for settlement and above the policy limits, triggering both a claim for bad faith and attorney fees and costs. After a "sit down meeting" with the defense attorney, the insurance carrier decided to pay the entire judgment and fees and costs.

Pedestrian Struck By A Vehicle

Our firm represented a 65-year-old man who was on his lunch break at work and was struck by a vehicle as he was walking across a street near his office. The defendant vehicle had exited a parking lot and hit our client. Our client sustained a severely fractured ankle requiring surgery which included a placement of a metal plate and screws. We obtained a significant settlement for this client, and one which represented the policy limits.

Case Resolved Prior To Trial

We represented a 20-year-old prep cook who sustained injuries while on his scooter. He was struck by a car which had come out from a driveway situated between two buildings. He was seen at the emergency room and ultimately diagnosed with knee and back injuries. We filed a lawsuit on behalf our client, and we were successful in resolving this case prior to trial.

Not all results are provided, the results are not necessarily representative of results obtained by the law firm, and a prospective client's individual facts and circumstances may differ from the cases described on these pages.