Cruise Ship Accident Cases

Cruise Ship Accident Cases: Past Results Of Greenberg Stone & Urbano, Florida Cruise Ship Injury Lawsuit Settlements

Greenberg Stone & Urbano is a personal injury law firm with three attorneys offering more than 130 years of experience. Our attorneys are leaders in the legal community, as well as forceful advocates for injury victims who suffer due to someone else's negligent acts or intentional wrongdoing. This page describes a selection of the cruise ship accident cases we have handled over the past several decades. Call us toll free 888-499-9700 for more information.

52-Year-Old Registered Nurse Slipped And Fell

Plaintiff is a 52-year-old registered nurse enjoying an anniversary cruise with his spouse. Plaintiff slipped and fell as a result of puddled water on the interior section of a covered deck. As a result, the plaintiff sustained a severe shoulder injury which required surgical repair and numerous months of rehabilitation. A significant settlement was reached at mediation.

Back Injury As A Direct Result Of An Employee's Negligence

Plaintiff is a 42-year-old CEO. During a weeklong cruise, plaintiff sustained a severe and traumatic back injury as a direct result of an employee's negligence. The plaintiff was removed from the ship and ultimately flown by air ambulance to a local trauma center in Miami. Plaintiff endured several months of wearing a back brace and agonizing rehabilitation. A confidential settlement was reached at mediation.

Passenger's Slip-And-Fall Results In Significant Injury And Settlement

We reached a significant settlement for a 50-year-old woman who suffered an ankle fracture that required surgery to stabilize. The client was on a cruise ship, at port, in Nassau. As she exited the ship, she slipped on a wet gangway and fell. The gangway was wet due to the exterior of the ship being washed while at port. No "Caution" or "Wet Floor" signs were deployed. Video surveillance from the ship was used to prove that the gangway was wet and dangerous as a result of the crew members' actions.

Elderly Passenger Trips, Falls And Fractures Hip

Plaintiff was an 81-year-old lady who suffered a severe hip fracture when she tripped over an unmarked and unbeveled metal strip that spanned the width of a carpeted hallway. At the time of the incident, the hallway was full of passengers, making it difficult for our client to appreciate the dangerous condition ahead of her. The strip, which rose about 1/2 inch from the carpet surface, posed a tripping hazard. The client was taken off the ship at the next port of call, where she received emergency medical attention. A confidential settlement was reached prior to this matter going to trial.

Poor Lighting Conditions Cause Passenger To Fall And Shatter Shoulder

We represented a lovely and active 74-year-old who was cruising the Mediterranean with her daughter. While tendered at port and seeking assistance to find a lounge on the ship, the client tripped over a poorly lit and unmarked step in an indoor lounge. The client fell forward and shattered her shoulder. She was removed from the ship and contrary to what the ship personnel promised, there was no one waiting in port to assist them. Our client and her daughter were left alone to seek medical attention in a foreign country and unable to communicate due to a language barrier. Upon returning home after being stabilized, our client required a complete shoulder replacement and months of rehabilitation. The defendant strongly contested liability, and although a crew member testified that a handrail had always existed at the site of the accident, our investigation revealed that there was no handrail at the time of the incident. Maximum settlement was reached in accordance with the terms of the Athens Convention.

Unsupervised Toddler Falls In Ship's Playground And Fractures Elbow

We represented a 3-year-old, Canadian citizen, who was placed in the ship's age specific daycare program by her parents. Without the parents' knowledge or consent, the child was placed with older children. While unsupervised, the child climbed onto a playground type of apparatus which was intended and designated to be used by children aged 6 and above. The child fell from the apparatus and fractured her elbow. The parents left the ship and flew back to Canada to seek medical attention for their daughter. Surgery was required to stabilize her fracture. A substantial settlement was reached.

Passenger Slips On Wet Stairs And Breaks A Leg

The client suffered multiple fractures to her leg when she slipped on wet stairs. The stairs in question were being cleaned by crew members and were not roped off. Further, there were no warning signs advising of the hazardous condition. Our client required surgical intervention to stabilize her fractures and underwent several months of rehabilitation. Amicable settlement was reached just prior to the beginning of the trial.

Zip Line Malfunction Results In A Fall And Severe Shoulder Injuries

Our client was on a cruise to Saint Kitts when he went on a shore excursion to travel on a zip line through the jungle. The zip line anchor broke, and our client plummeted to the ground, sustaining severe shoulder injuries. The zip line excursion was operated by an independent company, but our client purchased the shore excursion through the cruise line, which recommended the tour. Greenberg Stone & Urbano filed suit against the cruise line and other defendants, and we are currently preparing the case for trial.

Young Girl's Face Severely Cut On Onboard Waterslide

Our client, a 4-year-old girl, sustained severe lacerations to her forehead due to a defective water slide onboard a cruise ship. She had to receive stitches from the ship doctor, and she needed plastic surgery and psychological help after the accident. After the cruise ship denied liability, we sued the cruise ship company in federal court.

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