Medical Malpractice Cases

Medical Malpractice Cases: Past Results Of Greenberg Stone & Urbano, Florida Surgery Error Lawsuit Settlements And Verdicts

Greenberg Stone & Urbano, is a medical malpractice and personal injury law firm whose lead medical malpractice attorney has more than 20 years' experience as an advocate on behalf of Floridians who have suffered unnecessarily due to medical malpractice.

This page describes a selection of the medical malpractice cases we have handled over the past several decades. For more information, call toll free 888-499-9700.

Improper CPR Performance By Home Health Care Nurse Results In Child's Death

We received a substantial settlement in a case involving the wrongful death of a Coral Springs toddler caused by the negligent supervision and medical malpractice of a registered nurse employed by a national home health care agency. The parents of the child had hired the health care agency and nurse to watch their son who had suffered from neurological problems since birth. Despite supposedly being trained and having certain expertise in dealing with such patients, the nurse failed to live up to the standard of care by improperly performing CPR when the boy began experiencing respiratory problems. She was unable to resuscitate the boy, who died several days later.

Wrong Diagnosis Of Cancer Results In Medically Unnecessary Radiation And Permanent Scarring

A significant settlement was reached during trial in Miami-Dade in a medical malpractice case where a pathologist improperly diagnosed a tissue sample as being cancerous, causing the patient, a Coral Springs man, to undergo approximately 40 treatments of radiation therapy that were not medically necessary. The patient had a lump on his right shoulder, which an orthopedic oncologist told him was benign. The biopsy of the mass taken during surgery to remove it was interpreted by the pathologist then on call to be an extremely rare form of soft tissue cancer, which he had little experience in dealing with. The pathologist failed to send the sample out to one of many world-renowned hospitals that were more familiar with this rare form of cancer, and who could have interpreted the specimen within one or two days. The patient ultimately had the specimen reviewed, and it was determined that it was benign. The painful radiation treatments left the patient permanently scarred, disfigured and injured.

Surgery Errors Result In Woman's Death During Routine Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Procedure

A $1.9 million settlement was recovered in a medical malpractice/wrongful death case in Palm Beach County. The Coral Springs woman, a wife and mother, died during a routine cosmetic plastic surgery procedure.

Negligent Gallbladder Removal Requires Multiple Corrective Procedures

A $2.7 million settlement was reached in a case where a 54-year-old man sustained significant injuries resulting from the negligent removal of his gallbladder. The man went into a local hospital for what should have been an uncomplicated procedure and, due to the improper performance of the operation by the surgeon, needed multiple corrective procedures and spent months recovering at Jackson Memorial Hospital. He was left with horrendous scars and in need of significant medical care in the future. Suit has been filed in this matter and we are currently conducting discovery in preparation for trial.

Mislabeled Pathology Report Results In Delayed Cancer Diagnosis

A Miami woman had a mass on her leg biopsied by her physician and sent to an independent lab and pathologist for review. The pathologist read the specimen correctly and determined that the mass was cancerous; however, the lab sent the report of another patient back to the woman's physician with our client's name on it reporting that the mass was benign. The lab realized its mistake more than eight months later and notified the doctor, who told the patient. As a result, the cancer was not properly diagnosed or treated for over eight months and spread throughout her leg. The lady required much more extensive and traumatic treatment than she would have had the diagnosis been timely. We are currently in the mandatory pre-suit investigation and discovery stages of this matter.

Treatment With Excessive Amounts Of Steroids Causes Osteonecrosis

A 28-year-old Orlando man was given excessive doses of steroids over a two-year period for treatment of a topical skin condition. The high amounts of steroids are believed to have caused a painful and debilitating condition known as osteonecrosis in both of the young man's hips. He has undergone a replacement of his left hip and had surgery on his right hip, which will also need to be replaced in the near future. He will require a lifetime of medical care and monitoring as a result of the osteonecrosis. We have initiated the mandatory pre-suit discovery process against the doctors and clinic that treated the man's skin condition and prescribed the excessive amounts of steroids.

Boca Raton Woman Suffers Through Two Years Of Negligent Dental Work

A Boca Raton resident underwent nearly two years of cosmetic and restorative dental work only to learn that it was improperly and negligently done by her dentist. She learned of the problem when one of her teeth fell out in public. Subsequently, several professionals informed her that the caps, crowns and implants performed by her dentist were poorly done and that she needed her entire smile rebuilt. This extensive undertaking is estimated to cost an additional $30,000 to $50,000 and will take at least one year to complete. The case is currently in the mandatory pre-suit discovery process.

California Surgeon Leaves Surgical Clip Inside Patient

A Hollywood woman, who is a mother of four, elected to have a tubal ligation procedure performed following the delivery of her twin boys. Although her sons are doing great, the surgeon negligently left an extra surgical clip in the abdomen of the woman, which has caused her tremendous pain and swelling over the past year. Our client has been to the hospital seven times, where the doctors found nothing wrong — despite numerous tests. A psychologist was even called in once, as the hospital felt her symptoms might be postpartum depression. An independent radiologist reviewed the CT scans and found the extra surgical clip within minutes. The surgeon who left the clip inside of our client has still refused to accept responsibility for the pain she has caused this young woman.

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