Motorcycle Accident Cases

Motorcycle Accident Cases: Past Results Of Greenberg Stone & Urbano, Miami Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit Settlements And Verdicts

Greenberg Stone & Urbano is a Florida personal injury law firm whose attorneys have more than 130 years' combined legal experience. We have extensive experience representing victims of motorcycle accidents. This page describes a selection of the motorcycle accident cases we have handled throughout the last several decades. For more information, call toll free 888-499-9700.

Motorcycle Driver Severely Injured As He Was Struck By A Commercially Owned Pickup Truck

Plaintiff is a 30-year-old physiotherapist who was riding a motorcycle when he was severely injured as he was struck by a commercially-owned pickup truck, which had made a left turn into the plaintiff's lane without yielding the right of way. Plaintiff sustained a crush injury and severe dislocation to his ankle, which resulted in multiple surgeries, leaving the plaintiff with significant permanent impairments. The parties participated in three separate mediations and the case was successfully resolved by a settlement at the third mediation.

Motorcycle Accident At The Port Of Miami

We represented a 36-year-old man who was employed as a longshoreman at the port of Miami. He was recently involved in an accident while he was driving his motorcycle on a residential street in Miami, Florida. At the time of the accident, the defendant driver came out of a private property and struck our client. Our client sustained a compound fracture of his right leg which required the placement of a metal rod in order to fixate the fracture. We were able to settle his case for the entire policy limits within 60 days of his accident.

Debris From Tire Blowout Causes Motorcycle Accident

$3.75 million settlement for a Miami man who was injured when he was caused to fall from his motorcycle when it was struck by a piece of debris from a retread truck tire which failed in Palm Beach County, Florida.

Debris From Car Crash Injures Motorcyclist

Policy limits settlement for a Miami man whose motorcycle was struck by debris from the car of a Miami Heat player which had lost control and hit a median. The injured young man suffered a significant hand injury.

Police Officer Struck By Car While Riding Motorcycle

Policy limits settlement for a Miami-Dade policeman who was struck by a car, sustaining an injury to his leg.

Motorcyclist Sustains Serious Head And Leg Injuries

Policy limits settlement for a young Miami man whose motorcycle was hit by a car turning left in front of him. He sustained serious head and leg injuries.

Reckless Driving Causes Motorcyclist To Lose Control And Crash

The plaintiff was driving his motorcycle eastbound in a residential area in Miami when the defendant, who was northbound on a cross street, ran the stop sign. The plaintiff made a sudden emergency maneuver to his left but ultimately lost control of his motorcycle and was thrown to the ground sustaining severe lacerations, road rash and a shoulder injury. Despite the fact that there was no contact between the motorcycle and the other vehicle, the plaintiff recovered the defendant's entire policy limits.

Wisconsin Resident On Vacation In Florida Injured By SUV

A Wisconsin resident in Key West on vacation was struck when an SUV negligently pulled from a side street attempting to make a left-hand turn across a busy highway. The man was hit on the right side of his motorcycle and slid for more than 20 feet along the pavement after the impact. He sustained injuries to his shoulder, legs and neck, including a completely torn bicep in his arm that could not be repaired. We were able to resolve for a favorable result before going to trial.

Not all results are provided, the results are not necessarily representative of results obtained by the law firm, and a prospective client's individual facts and circumstances may differ from the cases described on these pages.