Pharmacy Negligence Cases

Pharmacy Negligence Cases: Past Results Of Greenberg Stone & Urbano Miami Pharmaceutical Error Lawsuit Settlements And Verdicts

Greenberg Stone & Urbano is a personal injury law firm whose attorneys have more than 130 years' combined experience as advocates on behalf of Florida injury victims. Our legal team fights for the rights of people injured due to the negligent acts or intentional wrongdoing of other people and corporations. This page describes a selection of the pharmacy negligence cases we have handled over the past several decades. For more information, call toll free 888-499-9700.

Boca Raton Pharmacy Dispenses The Wrong Medication

A Boca Raton pharmacist negligently dispensed the improper medication to a young single mother. The woman's treating physicians had prescribed her medication to raise her blood pressure after she suffered a minor stroke. The pharmacy mistakenly gave her medication that lowered her blood pressure, further complicating her recovery. We reached a confidential settlement with the nationwide pharmacy chain.

Jacksonville Man Receives Wrong Medication

A Jacksonville man's doctor prescribed thyroid medication, but the pharmacy mistakenly gave him digoxin, a powerful heart medication. The pharmacy, a large national company, negligently failed to verify the correct medication was being given. Our client took the incorrect medication for a week before the error was discovered. Fortunately, our client experienced no serious long-lasting side effects, and the case was resolved without a lawsuit.

Pregnant Miami Woman Mistakenly Given Prostate Medication

A large national pharmacy chain negligently gave our client, a 28-year-old Miami woman, the wrong medication. As a result, she experienced significant negative side effects. Our client was wrongfully given another customer's medication while she was recovering from complications in her pregnancy. She ingested the drug, known as Finasteride or Propecia, for approximately three weeks. Women are warned not to take or handle this pill, which is commonly prescribed for men's prostate problems and male pattern baldness.

Pharmacy Error Results In Severe Health Complications

A woman who had suffered the stillbirth of her child was given several prescriptions for medication that she filled at her local pharmacy. The pharmacist at this nationwide chain negligently gave her the prescription for another customer who shared the same last name with her. She was given Finasteride, a medication for prostate function and male pattern baldness that women are explicitly told not to take. She has experienced serious health complications over the past year. The case is currently in litigation.

Nine-Year-Old Boy Suffers Due To Pharmacist Ignorance

A 9-year-old boy who contracted inactive tuberculosis was given a prescription by his doctor for a drug known as INH. The pharmacist crossed this out and wrote in the words "filled with Rifampin," a drug given to patients with active tuberculosis. The pharmacist clearly did not know the difference between the two medications, and the boy suffered needlessly through months of nausea, vomiting, headaches and fatigue. We have filed suit and are moving forward with the litigation of this claim.

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