Trucking Accidents Cases

Semitruck Accident Lawsuit Settlements And Verdicts

Greenberg Stone & Urbano is a personal injury law firm whose attorneys have more than 130 years' combined legal experience. Representing victims of accidents involving commercial trucks is a major focus of our law practice. This page describes a selection of truck accident cases we have handled throughout the last several decades. We serve clients nationwide with a network of local associate law firms. For more information, call toll free 888-499-9700.

Collision With 18-Wheeler Causes Traumatic Brain Injury

We just settled a case in which a young woman was involved in a horrific auto accident and sustained multiple catastrophic injuries. The woman was driving her Honda Civic along Okeechobee Road in Miami-Dade when a large, 18-wheel truck negligently made an improper U-turn in front of her. The devastating impact left the car unrecognizable. The young woman, who was a teacher in Pembroke Pines at the time of the crash, had to be cut out of the car by fire rescue. She was airlifted to the Ryder Trauma Center at Jackson Memorial Hospital where she was treated for a traumatic brain injury and various orthopedic injuries. The night before trial was to start, the insurance carrier for the trucking company offered to tender their policy limits. The law firm had researched the financial viability of the insurance carrier and made the determination that the insurance company was in a precarious financial state. The question then became: would the insurance company be around to pay a judgment by the time we went to trial and obtained an excess judgment (over the policy limits) and won a subsequent bad faith trial, or would it be insolvent? The trucking company itself was out of business, so they had no assets to contribute to the settlement. Upon our recommendation, the young woman accepted the substantial policy limits. A few months later, the insurance company did in fact become insolvent. The investigation by the lawyers at Greenberg Stone & Urbano helped our client make the right choice because had she not accepted the policy limits, she would have collected hundreds of thousands of dollars less and it would have taken years to get the money.

Truck Driver Error Causes Teenage Girl To Sustain Devastating Injuries

A young Miami-Dade woman was 18 years old when she was struck by a tractor-trailer while driving her car to see her boyfriend. The accident occurred when the truck made an improper left-hand turn in front of her, running over the front of her car and leaving the car a twisted hunk of metal. The girl was airlifted to Ryder Trauma Center at Jackson Memorial, where she spent several weeks. Our client sustained multiple devastating and catastrophic injuries, requiring ten surgeries in the first year post-accident. This case was litigated and amicably resolved for a substantial sum of money which is allowing this young person to lead a productive life and having all of her medical needs covered.

Driver Loses Control Of Tractor-Trailer, Causing Fatal Accident

The driver of a tractor-trailer lost control of his vehicle and struck and killed a Miami man who was stopped for traffic. The man was a husband and father of two young children. As a result of the large settlement obtained by their Greenberg Stone & Urbano lawyer, the widow was able to start a successful business and the daughters have grown into womanhood, with one daughter becoming a physician.

Truck Tire Failure Seriously Injures Motorcyclist

A Miami motorcyclist was severely injured when a retread truck tire failed and caused debris to hit his motorcycle while he was driving. The incident occurred in Palm Beach County, Florida. After the case was fully discovered against the owner of the 18-wheeler, the company that did the retreading of the tire and the tire manufacturer, the case was settled for a large sum.

College Student Injured When Commercial Driver Loses Control Of Truck

A Boca Raton college student was seriously injured on I-95 when a truck lost control and spun out in front of her. The young woman was unable to stop her vehicle as the truck spread across several lanes in front of her. She collided with the truck in the section between the cab and the trailer and her car was a total loss. She sustained serious back, neck and head injuries from which she is still recovering. She was unable to work for some time following the crash and unfortunately lost her job as a result. We have resolved the case to the client's satisfaction with the insurance company for the delivery truck.

Construction Worker Severely Injured When His SUV Was Rear-Ended By A Tractor-Trailer On I-95

A husband and father of three was severely injured when the SUV he was driving was rear-ended by an 18-wheeler in Melbourne, Florida, causing it to crash into the car in front and catapulting the SUV into the median. Our client, a foreman for a national home builder, sustained devastating injuries to his spine as well as a closed head injury (TBI). The lawyers at Greenberg Stone & Urbano made sure that our client has obtained and will be in a position to get all the medical care and treatment he needs. After helping to secure his workers' compensation benefits, we made sure that our client and his family collected every dime of available insurance coverage from the tractor-trailer as well as from our client's underinsured motorist carrier.

Delivery Truck On I-95 In Broward County Crashes Into Car Driven By Our Client Causing Serious Injuries

On a rainy morning on I-95 in Broward County, Florida, a delivery truck from a major furniture company was following vehicles in front of it too closely, causing it to crash into an SUV resulting in that SUV hitting our client's car. As a result of the severe impact, our client was treated for spinal injuries. The lawyers at Greenberg Stone & Urbano are very familiar with spinal injury cases and after litigating the case, were able to work out a very favorable settlement for our client. Now, our client and his family, have paid all their bills, purchased a new home, and get the care and treatment our client so rightfully deserves.

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