Burn Injuries

Fires and explosions can cause serious, life-altering injuries. At the Florida law firm of Greenberg Stone & Urbano, our lawyers provide skilled legal representation for victims of negligence. If you or someone you love has suffered a burn injury as the result of someone's carelessness or negligence, we can effectively serve you.

Burn injuries can develop in a wide range of accidents and incidents; we have the experience and resources necessary to handle any of these circumstances.

  • Defective products : Many legal claims are based on defective products or insufficient warnings. For example, a space heater may malfunction, reaching extraordinarily high temperatures on the lowest setting, and injuring someone who accidentally touches it. A battery may be dysfunctional, and cause a chemical burn when it touches skin. In either case, the manufacturer may be liable for resulting injuries.
  • Improperly maintained property: A burn injury may occur as the result of a fire. If this fire was caused by a careless neighbor who fell asleep in bed while smoking, or a landlord's failure to keep the wiring in a house in compliance with fire codes, the person who caused the fire may be held accountable for the resulting injuries.
  • Truck accidents : In any type of serious motor vehicle accident, fire is a possibility. This is particularly true in truck accident cases where the truck driver is transporting toxic and flammable substances.

A burn injury can have serious consequences, affecting all aspects of the injured person's life. Burns often require extensive medical treatments to limit scarring, including skin grafts. These treatments require victims to work with highly-trained specialists, and quickly become very costly.

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