Fractures And Amputations

Our law firm is available to represent anyone who has suffered any type of injury as a result of an accident caused by negligence. From fractures to amputations, we will stand beside those who have suffered due to acts of carelessness. The Miami Amputation Accident Attorneys at  Greenberg, Stone & Urbano bring more than 130 cumulative years of experience to every case we handle.

Our team can represent people who have suffered any type of fracture or broken bone due to an act of negligence. We can handle cases involving broken arms, broken legs, broken hips and all other similar matters.

We can stand up for people who have been in an accident that resulted in loss of a limb. Our law firm has handled cases involving loss of a leg, loss of an arm, loss of fingers, loss of toes or any other traumatic amputations.

Additionally, we can handle any other type of severe personal injury lawsuit, including spinal cord injuries and brain injuries.

Liability and compensation in accident and injury cases

We will get to work immediately to develop a legal strategy that is designed to maximize the compensation you receive. Our team understands the costs that can be incurred as the result of an accident and injury situation. We know medical bills and lost wages can add up to a difficult financial situation. We will work to efficiently and effectively get you the compensation you deserve to cover these costs and more.

Our lawyers can handle all injury cases involving any accident caused by negligence, including car accidents, truck accidents, product defect accidents, premises liability accidents, slip and fall, amusement park accidents and more.

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