Resort, Hotel, And Travel Accidents

Florida, with its sunny days, pristine beaches and world famous theme parks is a tourist destination for millions of guests each year. Florida is but one destination for pleasure-seeking vacationers, as Americans spend billions of dollars around the world on travel and tourism yearly. We all work hard and deserve some time off to relax. But all too often, these family getaways are marred by an unforeseen event at the resort where you chose to stay. An unexpected injury at a resort can ruin your vacation, and worse yet, leave you with serious problems and life-altering consequences.

Greenberg Stone & Urbano have handled numerous tourist injury cases against resort all over the world, including some of the largest and more prominent resorts, hotels and amusement and theme parks in the Bahamas, Aruba, Mexico, Orlando and Miami. For other cases, our Miami injury attorneys have even traveled to Turkey, Chile, the Dominican Republic, Columbia, Costa Rica and other countries to investigate and litigate personal injury cases. Greenberg Stone & Urbano has the experience, resources and wherewithal to able to adequately prepare and handle any case involving an injury arising from the negligence of a resort.

Resorts have a duty to maintain their property in a reasonably safe condition. You are a guest there, enjoying a vacation, and do not know the lay of the land. For this reason, the owners and operators of resort should have a higher standard of care. They should quickly repair dangerous conditions that are not easily seen by guests and provide adequate warnings, though they often fail to do so. Slip and falls, trip and falls, bus, moped or other vehicle accidents, food poisoning, Jet Ski and watercraft accidents and injuries caused by negligent security can all happen, even at a five-star resort. Most if not all of these accidents and injuries could have and should have been avoided if not for the negligent maintenance and operation of the resort.

Miami, Florida, Resort, Hotel And Travel Accident Lawyer

There are many legal concerns and specific issues that must be considered when pursuing a claim against a resort. What country did the injury take place in and which country's law will apply? Is there a different standard of damages and recovery in that country's system? Were there any cameras in the area that would have video or photographic evidence of the scene of the accident? Some resorts and hotels, much like cruise ships, now have you sign a contract upon checking in that could have significantly limited your rights to sue. For these reasons and more, it is extremely important that you contact an experienced Florida tourist injury and hotel accident attorney capable of handling your case today.

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