Product Liability Transcript

Greenberg, Stone & Urbano - Product Liability

STEWART GREENBERG: You've clicked on the product liability page. Our firm has represented numerous people who have been injured, who have lost loved ones because of a defective product, a product which was designed defectively, manufactured defectively and put into the stream of commerce for use by people such as yourselves.

We employ experts who are familiar with the product, who have examined the product, and are able to testify, in simple terms that a jury could understand, what the defect is in the product and why the product should have been made differently and safely. We also employ experts who explain the mechanism of injury, who show how the injury occurred, how it could be avoided, and who also explain what you've been through as part of the injury or what you're likely to be through in the future, and what the costs are going to entail for your care and treatment.

So when looking for a firm to represent you with regard to a product liability claim, consider these factors and consider our experience.