Back-Over Accidents

Florida Back-Over Accidents

Far too often, the daily news reports about a tragic story of a young child or elderly person who was injured or killed in a back-over accident. These types of accidents typically occur when an automobile reverses out from a parked position, striking individuals in its path. They are also some of the most heartbreaking because the injured victim often suffers at the hands of a driver that is usually a close relative or friend.

Statistics paint a grim picture of back-over accidents. Victims may be a pedestrian or bicyclist, or a child walking out of the garage to say goodbye to a parent. Today’s larger vehicles that sit higher above the ground and have larger blind spots are more likely than smaller cars to cause a back-over accident. Surroundings are contributing factors to back-over incidents as well. Keep in mind that unlit parking garages or poorly marked parking areas also lead to these devastating and life-altering accidents.

Our firm’s attorneys note that the elderly and small are most susceptible to back-over incidents since they tend to move slower and are often less visible than other pedestrians. Given Florida’s significant percentage of elderly pedestrians and drivers, back-over accidents are a special concern for our state.

According to an October 2013 editorial by the New York Times entitled A Blind Spot on Rearview Cameras, “back-over car accidents kill some 230 people a year, mostly children and mostly in accidents in which a parent or other relative is driving. Another 18,000 people are injured annually in back-over accidents.” These statistics are astonishing, suggesting that more than four fatal back-over accidents occur in the U.S. every week.

Determining liability for such accidents is not always a simple matter. Greenberg, Stone & Urbano has years of experience handling all types of accident cases, including back-over cases. The firm’s attorneys are well respected in the legal community for providing compassionate, forceful representation in difficult and highly sensitive cases such as back-over accidents.

The National Highway Safety Administration (NHSA) was created to monitor and protect against accidents like back-over accidents. NHSA was so alarmed with the increasing incidence of back-over accidents in the U.S. that it promulgated a rule requiring vehicle manufacturers to equip vehicles with backup cameras by 2014. Keep in mind that this rule has been delayed as manufacturers and their lobbyists propose other alternatives (like different mirrors) and complain of the costs to implement the rule. Our attorneys are on the forefront of these issues, and will certainly keep you informed should anything change in this regard.

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