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Cruise ship to return to Florida port after norovirus outbreak

It is not unusual to hear reports about distressing gastrointestinal illnesses breaking out on cruise ships. Some of these illnesses are due to food poisoning, caused by unsanitary conditions on the ship or due to a lack of safe food handling. Floridians may have recently heard of one breakout of the gastrointestinal illness, norovirus, on a cruise ship that has affected hundreds of passengers.

An outbreak of norovirus has occurred on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship, sickening almost 500 individuals. The ship is set to return to Port Canaveral. Symptoms of norovirus include vomiting and diarrhea. The virus is contagious, and it can be spread when individuals with the virus have direct contact with others, when a person touches something contaminated with the virus or if a person eats or drinks something prepared or handled by an infected individual.

What are medication errors versus adverse drug events?

When a person in Florida is ill or injured, they put their faith in the expertise of the physician treating them. Unfortunately, sometimes medication errors occur. A medication error is a mistake that happens anywhere along the path of when a medication is prescribed by a physician to when the person being prescribed the drug receives it. For example, a physician may not check for allergies, may administer the wrong drug or the pharmacist could fail to read the doctor's handwriting properly.

Medication errors can lead to adverse drug events or ADEs. An ADE is the harm a person suffers due to taking a drug. It is important to note that not all ADEs are caused by medication errors. For example, unpreventable ADEs, such as "side effects," can occur that are not the result of a medication error.

Nighttime proves dangerous for Florida pedestrians and cyclists

Some places in Florida, such as major cities, see a large amount of pedestrian and cyclist traffic, even at nighttime. The fact is that pedestrians or cyclists could be out and about at night, even in suburban or rural areas. It is up to motorists to drive with due care to avoid causing auto-pedestrian accidents. However, recent data suggests that pedestrians and cyclists are increasingly being placed at risk of a fatal car crash, especially at night.

In 2017, nighttime pedestrian and cyclist deaths in motor vehicle accidents grew 46 percent from the number of such fatalities in 2010. In comparison, pedestrian and cyclist deaths in motor vehicle accidents during the daytime rose only 15 percent in that same timeframe. States in the South generally saw a greater per capita rate of nighttime fatalities among pedestrians and cyclists involved in car accidents.

Carnival Fantasy special needs passenger reportedly overboard

Going on a cruise is an exciting way to spend a vacation. Many save up their money and vacation time to take such a trip. Individuals and families think of the positive memories they will make, not considering the possibility of tragedy. Unfortunately, cruises can have negative and unfortunate events.

Based on recent reports, a five-day cruise on the Carnival Fantasy has ended in tragedy for one family. The ship departed from Alabama on December 15th and was set to arrive at Cozumel, Mexico. The day after departure, a 22-year-old man was reported missing. The passenger was reported to be an autistic individual who was traveling with a group of nine, including three chaperones.

How closed head injuries can lead to serious trauma to the brain

Has anyone ever joked with you that you have a "hard head?" If so, that person was pointing out the obvious. The skull is supposed to be strong in order to protect your brain. When it undergoes trauma, it could ultimately affect your brain.

Many of the injuries people suffer to their heads are closed head injuries. This means that there may not be any outward signs of trauma. The most common type of this injury involves bleeding inside your skull, but other things may also cause increased pressure on your brain.

What is an "open and obvious" danger in premises liability law?

Premises liability law varies by state. In general, though, a property owner in Florida may be liable to invitees injured on their premises, if the property owner either knew or through reasonable care should have known that there was a hazardous condition on the premises. In addition, others on their property would not know about the hazard or would not be able to protect themselves against it and the property owner fails to take reasonable measures to remedy the hazard or warn others of it.

However, property owners facing a premises liability claim might try to employ the, "open and obvious" defense. Under this defense, if a reasonable person would, through a casual inspection, have found the hazard to be open and obvious, the property owner is not responsible for injuries caused by the hazard. This is based on the notion that a person should understand when an obvious danger exists and take care to avoid the hazard.

Florida worker dies in garbage truck accident

Residents are hard workers, and when a person has a job operating heavy machinery, one can appreciate the physical labor they undertake every day as part of their job. However, these workers can be especially vulnerable to on-the-job accidents, some of which can be fatal. One recent incident exemplifies how certain jobs may pose the risk of a fatal workplace accident.

A Florida man lost his life on-the-job in an accident involving a Waste Pro garbage truck. The man was in the passenger seat of the garbage truck when the 40,000-pound truck overturned. Police believe the operator of the truck drove to quickly into a curve in the road.

Study examines medication errors in children

Nothing worries a parent in Miami more than to see their child get sick. While run-of-the mill illnesses, such as ear infections and strep throat may not seem like a big deal, it is still important that children receive the right medication needed to combat the infection. If seemingly simple illnesses are not properly treated it could lead to a worsened condition that in some cases could be life-threatening.

However, treating a child is different than treating an adult. Children are smaller than adults, so the dosage of medication they need will likely be less than that an adult will need. Even small medication errors could lead to significant harm. And, there may be many causes for medication errors.

Daylight Saving Time can lead to driver fatigue, car accidents

While Miami generally experiences warm temperatures year-round, it is autumn and that means the days are growing shorter, especially now that Daylight Saving Time has passed. Setting the clock back can interfere with a person's sleep cycle, according to the owner of Alliance Insurance Services. This means that driver fatigue can be an issue facing Florida motorists this time of the year.

In fact, according to statistics from AAA, drowsy driving was a factor in over one-fifth of motor vehicle accidents resulting in death. While motorists may think that missing a couple hours of sleep is no big deal, according to AAA even missing three hours of sleep can increase the chance of being in a car accident four-fold. The National Sleep Foundation conducted a poll and found that 60 percent of respondents nationwide admitted to driving while fatigued. Moreover, 37 percent of respondents nationwide stated that they in fact did fall asleep while driving in the past 12 months.

Injuries occur when cruise ship lists after leaving Florida port

Most people in who take a vacation aboard a cruise ship assume that the vessel is safe. However, sometimes, technical issues can cause a cruise ship to lean in one direction or the other. When a cruise ship tilts, this is known as "listing." And, as one recent incident of a cruise ship listing shows, this issue can cause panic and injuries to those on board.

Mere hours after departing from Port Canaveral in Florida, the cruise ship, Carnival Sunshine, began to list. This caused swimming pools to spill over, sent dishes and glasses flying off tables and led passengers to panic, scrambling for life jackets. Some passengers experienced cuts and bruises in the incident.