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What damages can be pursued in a wrongful death lawsuit?

When a person loses a loved one, it can be a difficult experience. When a loved one dies simply due to old age, their survivors will grieve tremendously, but will understand that this is at least a natural cause of death. However, when a loved one's death is due to the negligence of another, such as in a car crash, the victim's survivors are left with a whole other type of grief highlighted by anger and pain. In such situations, the victim's survivors may want to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit.

Under section 768.21 of Florida law, what damages a victim's survivors can seek in a wrongful death lawsuit depends on the relationship the survivor had to the victim. For example, every survivor can pursue damages for lost support and services spanning from when the victim was injured until the victim died. They can also pursue damages for future loss of support and services, to a certain extent.

Despite technological advancements, medication errors can occur

Technology at hospitals in Miami and nationwide has come a long way. Not only have there been advancements in the treatment and diagnostic tools used by physicians and surgeons, but technology has been implemented at a basic care level. However, if this technology is not used properly, or not used at all, it could lead to medical errors that harm patients rather than help them.

For example, most hospitals in the nation now use a bar code medication administration system for providing medications to patients. This system is meant to prevent medication errors. The way they work is that the patient is given a wristband with a bar code. When that person needs to be given a medication, before administering it, the clinician will first scan the patient's bar code and then scan a bar code on the medicine. This helps ensure the correct patient is being given the correct medication at the correct time.

Sinkholes in Florida community cause mandatory evacuation

Sinkholes occur in Florida when the bedrock in the ground dissolves, often by water erosion, forming a cavity. Some sinkholes can be quite big and can cause serious structural damage to a person's home. Recently, some Florida residents had to evacuate their homes due to the nearby formation of a number of sinkholes.

Recent reports note that eight townhomes had to be evacuated recently due to the expansion of some sinkholes in the area. One resident reported that there were as many as five sinkholes and that the formation of the sinkholes sounded like an explosion. The size of the sinkholes ranged from 15 to 25 feet across. According to the area fire department, a privately-owned water main break was responsible for the formation of the sinkholes. One resident reported that the bathroom in his home was cracked due to the sinkhole.

Identifying the symptoms of whiplash after a car accident

No one expects to be involved in an auto accident, but unfortunately these collisions happen every day across the state. When a person's car is rear-ended or is forced to crash into the driver in front of them, the impact of the collision may cause the person's head to suddenly jerk back and forth, sometimes multiple times. This could lead to an injury known as "whiplash." It is important for people in Miami to be aware of the symptoms of whiplash, so they can be on the lookout for them if they are in a car accident.

A person who suffers whiplash may find that their neck is painful and stiff. Whiplash can also cause pain in other parts of the body, including the shoulders, lower back, arms and hands. A person who suffers whiplash can also experience headaches and dizziness. Whiplash can also lead to cognitive issues. A person might find it hard to concentrate or remember things and they might be irritable. Finally, a person who suffers from whiplash could be fatigued or have problems sleeping.

Cruise ship accidents can turn luxury vacations into nightmares

People across the nation are looking forward to their summer vacations, and for many this means a stay aboard a luxury cruise. Cruise ships from Miami can offer many wonderful amenities and stop at exotic ports of call. Most people come home from their cruise ship vacations with an armload of photos and souvenirs and a feeling of relaxation. Unfortunately, others will come back from a cruise ship stay injured or ill.

For example, many cruise ships have magnificent swimming pools and waterslides, but these amenities can be the location of cruise ship accidents where passengers are injured or killed. People could also suffer slip-and-fall accidents aboard other parts of a cruise ship. Unfortunately, some people are physically or sexually assaulted while on a cruise. And, who hasn't heard stories of cruise ship passengers who have all come down with norovirus or food poisoning while on a cruise?

How is liability established in a Florida slip-and-fall case?

Florida may be free from icy sidewalks, but that doesn't mean that slip-and-fall accidents do not occur. Unfortunately, they occur all too often. People slip and fall in stores, restaurants, hotels and more. Really, any business establishment could be the site of a slip-and-fall accident. And, when one occurs, those injured may wish to pursue a premises liability lawsuit.

If an individual in Florida is in a business and slips on a transitory foreign substance, causing an injury, they may want to hold the business responsible. This could occur, for example, if a person slips on a spill in the aisle of a grocery store. However, there are certain elements a slip-and-fall victim must show if they wish to prevail in premises liability lawsuit.

There are a variety of reasons why medication errors occur

When Florida residents need to seek professional medical care, most of us are relying on the expertise of the physicians treating us. After all, most people do not have the education and training that these professionals have. When we must seek professional treatment for a health problem, we count on our physicians and medical staff to provide us with the proper medication we need in order to get better.

Unfortunately, medication errors occur all too often. People may be given the wrong type of medicine or the wrong dosage of medicine. There could be a misdiagnosis or a delayed diagnosis that leads to the wrong medication being administered. A physician could provide the wrong dosage of a medication or could fail to take into account other medications a patient is taking, resulting in a dangerous combination of prescription medication. Medication errors could even occur at the pharmacy if a pharmacist is unable to read the doctor's handwriting. Poor communication between physicians, pharmacists and patients could all lead to medication errors. Finally, simple human error could lead to a medication error.

Beware of tractor-trailer danger on Florida highways

If you were to make a list of top frightening traffic situations, you'd likely include something about tractor-trailers barreling past you or cutting into your lane. Such situations are not only terrifying, they can place you at immediate risk for a collision and injury. Like all commercial vehicle operators, truckers must adhere to strict regulations regarding the types of loads they haul, as well as how long they are permitted to stay behind the wheel without pulling off the road to rest.

While trucking regulations are generally more stringent that those attached to non-commercial licenses, there's no guarantee that every truck driver follows the rules. In fact, chances are you have had an overly fatigued or drug-influenced tractor-trailer driver in your vicinity at one time or another. The problem is that truck driver negligence often causes other motorists to suffer injury. It's no secret that collisions involving these massive vehicles often result in fatalities. Understanding more about what makes big rigs so dangerous may help you avoid danger on a Florida roadway.

Woman falls overboard in cruise ship accident

Cruise ship vacations in the tropical seas are seen by many in Miami as the ultimate way to relax and get away from it all. However, incidents can occur at sea that cruise ships must anticipate and take action to prevent.

Earlier in March, a woman was travelling on a cruise ship near the Bahamas when she fell overboard at night. The woman was rescued by cruise ship employees in rescue vessels. The incident was witnessed by a woman who was eating supper around 9:00 in the evening on the cruise ship. She reported that she was in the dining area on the 5th deck of the cruise ship when she heard the phrase "Code Oscar portside" issued three times from the cruise ship's intercom. A server told the witness that a person had leapt off the cruise ship. The witness went to her cabin balcony on the 14th deck where she says she saw two vessels being lowered down and then utilizing searchlights while on the water, ultimately finding and rescuing the woman who fell overboard.

Four women from Spain die in Florida car crash

Florida is a major vacation destination, attracting visitors from across the globe. Florida is also a prime place of business, where many people travel for work. "Snowbirds" from the northern states head to Florida when cold weather strikes, to take advantage of the state's mild winter temperatures. And, many people travel to Florida to visit family and loved ones. Unfortunately, an international trip turned deadly for four women from Spain, who were killed in a car crash in the Florida Keys earlier this month.

The car crash occurred on U.S. 1 in the Florida Keys. According to the Florida Highway Patrol, the women were traveling in a Nissan Rogue in the northbound lane of traffic. They were trying to execute a left-hand turn when a truck transporting portable toilets rear-ended their car, sending it into the southbound lane of traffic. At that point a motor home heading due south struck the right-hand side of the women's vehicle. The force of the collision sent the women's vehicle heading due south, where it eventually struck a tree.