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Two Florida companies fined following deaths of 5 workers

Workplace safety is important when one works with hazardous materials. People in Florida with jobs like these must be provided with the proper equipment and procedures needed to keep them safe at work. If these safety precautions are not made available to workers, it can lead to tragedy as one incident shows.

The U.S. Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) has fined two companies a total of nearly $161,000 after the deaths of five workers at an electric power plant in Florida. The incident occurred in 2017 at the Big Bend River Station in Apollo Beach. It was found that the victims suffered fatal burns after a blockage in a furnace fired by coal dislodged, causing molten slag to go spraying into the area where the victims were working.

Steps to take after one's insurance claim in Florida is denied

While it may not always be fun paying for it, most homeowners in in Miami are glad to have homeowner's insurance when disaster strikes. Whether it is a hurricane, a fire, a sinkhole or any other type of disaster that damages a person's home, that person will naturally expect that their homeowner's insurance will cover the repairs necessary to fix what was destroyed.

Generally, a person in such situations will first file an insurance claim. However, even if it may seem obvious that a person's claim should be honored, sometimes insurance companies will deny a person's claim. What can a homeowner do in such situations?

South Florida Jones Act Lawyers Explain When Seamen Can Sue For Punitive Damages

The Jones Act ("the Act") is a federal law passed by Congress in 1920 designed to protect sailors who suffered injuries or fell ill during a voyage. The Act gives seamen an opportunity to sue their employers for damages if they are injured due to their employer's negligence. The common law rules of maritime law obligate a vessel's owner to care for and provide for the safe passage and medical attention for a sick or injured seaman. Furthermore, maritime law provides for the care of seaman from harm caused by ships that were not seaworthy. The injured seaman has an option, therefore, to bring a suit in admiralty or under the Jones Act. In certain circumstances, the sailor has the opportunity to seek punitive damages.

Eight people injured in car accident involving a school bus

The morning routine for many children in Florida involves getting on the big yellow school bus. Most of the time these trips to and from school are uneventful, as they should be. However, no matter how carefully the bus driver operates his or her vehicle, you can't control the actions of others on the road, as one recent incident shows.

A morning-time collision between a school bus and a semi-truck in Florida injured eight individuals. The semi-truck struck the bus from behind. There were 29 pupils on the bus when the crash took place. According to police, two of the pupils were seriously injured and had to be flown to an area hospital. In addition, six other people, one of which was the driver of the school bus, were also hospitalized. Their injuries are believed to be non-life threatening.

Hundreds fall ill on Miami-based cruise ship

Tropical cruises are a dream vacation for many people in Florida, allowing them an experience that is luxurious and relaxing as they sail the seas and visit exotic ports-of-call. However, a recent Royal Caribbean cruise went from holiday heaven to nightmare after 220 people on board were struck with a gastro-intestinal illness. The cruise was slated to be five nights long. The ship "Independence of the Seas" departed from Florida and over the course of a week, 220 of the over 5,500 passengers on board fell ill.

Royal Caribbean, which is based in Miami, has stated that the illness was "short-lived" and that those who fell ill while on the crew received medical care from the ship's physicians in the form of non-prescription medication. The company has also stated that they are engaging in intensive sanitary procedures before the ship is used again in future cruises.

Can you hold a store owner liable for slip-and-fall accidents?

Perhaps you were just doing your weekly grocery shopping when you slip on a spill on the floor in the cereal aisle and break your leg. Or perhaps you were dining at your favorite restaurant with your family when you trip over a torn piece of carpet and hit your head. In either case, you are left with injuries that you may feel were certainly not your fault.

People in Miami who suffer a slip-and-fall injury on commercial property may suffer serious injuries. As they begin to recover from these injuries, they may find that they have incurred significant damages. They may have hefty medical bills and missed work, not to mention general pain and suffering. They may then start to wonder if it is possible to hold the commercial property owner responsible for the damages they suffered.

The alarming reality of medication errors

Most Miami residents take at least one prescription medication. These medications help chronic and acute medical conditions and are necessary for many people. Occasionally, an unexpected medication error occurs that causes serious injuries.

Medical errors are a serious problem for many Americans. A medication error is preventable and can be the result of miscommunication, improper labeling, dispensing errors, monitoring errors, education errors, among others. Medication errors are more prevalent in the American health care system than people think. Every year thousands of people die as the result of medication errors. Almost all medication errors can be avoided. Many times, these errors occur because a doctor's handwriting cannot be read, the prescription was incorrect, or the dosage was wrong. The most common medication errors are the wrong dose of medication, the wrong directions for the medication and the wrong medication altogether was given.

How should you react after a car accident?

Car accidents are simultaneously common and, for some people, rare. There are many drivers out there who have never had to deal with a car accident in their life. They are the lucky ones. Others still have been in an accident or two in their lives, but they were minor in nature. These fender benders may not be fully resolved as easily as you would think -- given the nature of insurance companies -- but they aren't as bad as serious car accidents.

In any case, the aftermath of a car accident is a critical time for the people involved. They need to be ready to handle some important tasks -- if they aren't too injured.

Miami Cruise Ship Attorneys Analyze Recent Court Decision In Cubero v. Royal Caribbean Cruises, LTD.

Cruise ship attorneys Greenberg, Stone, & Urbano keep a watchful eye on court decisions that potentially affect their clients. The case of Cubero v. Royal Caribbean Cruises, LTD. is of great interest to them because the recent decision issued by the judge may adversely affect their clients. Analyzing the decision prepares these seasoned attorneys to use this decision for their clients. The degree of preparedness and legal acumen sets these cruise ship accident attorneys from Greenberg, Stone, & Urbano apart from others. 

Young Boy Suffers Fractured Skull and Severe Traumatic Brain Injury After Falling on Norwegian Cruise Ship Basketball Court

Young children continue to fall victim to cruise ship accidents, and a recent accident has left one young boy with severe injuries. As a cruise ship was traveling through the Caribbean, visiting the U.S. Virgin Islands, the British Virgin Islands as well as the Bahamas, an 8-year-old boy suffered a fractured skull and traumatic brain injury (TBI) after falling on a basketball court on Norwegian Cruise Line's "Escape." Reports indicate that at the time the accident occurred, the parents were not there to witness what happened.