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Did a single phone call change your life forever?

Nothing can prepare you for the sudden, unexpected loss of a loved one. You understand this on a much deeper level than the average person if you recently got a phone call informing you that one of your immediate family members was involved in a fatal collision. You may have felt like the world stopped spinning that day. Many people in Florida who have been through similar experiences say they struggled to learn how to move on in life after losing loved ones in sudden death incidents.

It's understandable that you might experience intense feelings of shock, disbelief, denial, confusion or even anger upon learning that someone you love is no longer with you because of another person's irresponsible decision to get behind the wheel of a car after consuming alcohol or reading a text message while driving. Reaching out for support from others who can relate to what you're going through may be a key factor toward healing.

An overview of wrongful death laws in Florida

The death of a loved one may be difficult no matter what the circumstances are of their passing. When a person dies because of an unexpected accident or incident, though, it can be hard for their surviving loved ones to move forward due to their shock and grief. In Florida, when accidents and negligence-based incidents occur, lawsuits based on wrongful deaths can sometimes be pursued to benefit those who have tragically been left behind.

A wrongful death is one that is caused by another person. Wrongful deaths result from accidents like car collisions and premises liability events. They also occur when contracts and warranties are breached, and can also result from wrongful and criminal conduct. Wrongful deaths can happen in hospitals, on roads, on private properties and practically anywhere else that Floridians may go.

Dive boat fire claims dozens of lives

A dive boat is a vessel that carries scuba divers and other water recreationalists to sites in the water that would be otherwise difficult to access. In Florida, dive boats take individuals to exceptional dive sites in the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. Like other vessels, dive boats must be properly maintained in order to keep them working and safe; when incidents happen on the water, extreme tragedies can result.

On the other side of the country in California, dozens of people lost their lives when their dive boat caught fire and sunk in the Pacific Ocean. The dive boat was on a 3 day Labor Day trip when it burst into flames in the early hours of the morning. Reports indicate that there were 6 crew members on board and 33 passengers. Only 5 of the crew members who were awake and above deck were found alive.

What role may negligence play in a car accident case?

Automobile collisions happen all of the time on the roads and highways across Miami. When they occur, accidents can leave their victims with pain, suffering and long-term injuries. While many victims may wish to move beyond their accidents as quickly as possible so that they can get back to living their lives, some may struggle to do so, as they fight to pay for their medical bills, cover their lost wages and cope with their new realities.

Victims of car accidents and other personal injury events can, under some circumstances, sue for the recovery of their losses. A lawsuit initiates litigation, and when a victim begins a lawsuit, they must base their claims on a theory of law. For personal injury cases, negligence is often that theory.

Common causes of medication errors

A medication error can be a life-threatening event in the life of a Miami resident. Not only may the victim suffer complications from ingesting the wrong drug, but the treatment of their medical condition may also be delayed as they fail to receive the drug therapy that they were prescribed. Medication errors are unfortunately common in the United States, and this post will address some of the most common ways that they occur. Individuals who read this post are reminded, though, that its contents offer no legal or medical advice.

Communication deficiencies may be one of the most common causes of medication mistakes for many victims. When doctors and medical staff members fail to effectively communicate between themselves, patients may be given the wrong drugs, the wrong dosages of drugs or be subjected to other medication-based mistakes. Additionally, communication problems between patients and doctors can also lead to erroneous medication prescriptions and dosages.

Representation for victims of cruise ship accidents

For many Americans, taking a cruise is the ultimate escape from reality. Not only can a person experience luxury and comfort that is unmatched in other venues, but they can also travel to remote destinations without ever having to get on a cramped and crowded airplane. Florida is a popular place for cruises to start and for visitors to flock to when they start their vacations.

Despite the safety and security protocols that cruise ships put into place to keep their travelers healthy and happy, incidents do occur that can leave travelers injured, sick or even with life-threatening complications. When cruise ship accidents happen and they are the fault of the ship designers, planners, staff and others, victims may have rights to seek compensation for their incident-related losses.

Who is responsible for a slip and fall accident?

Trips, slips and falls happen every day to Florida residents who are unlucky enough to encounter dangerous surfaces. Though some falls occur because of the general clumsiness of individuals, many happen when property owners fail to maintain their premises in a safe and orderly way. Individuals may be hurt when they slide on wet or slick floors, trip over uneven pavement or floor coverings or stumble over debris that is left in their paths.

Whether a person may sue for the injuries that they suffer in a slip and fall accident will greatly depend on their purpose for being in the location where their harm happened. For example, if a person is invited onto the property of another person, such as when they are a social guest at a private residence or a shopper at an open store, then they may reasonably expect that the property on which they will visit will be free from hazards.

Injuries that may result from a rear-end collision

A rear-end crash occurs when a vehicle drives into the back of another vehicle. It is a common form of car accident and often happens when a driver is distracted and fails to see changes in driving conditions in front of them. Rear-end collisions can be very serious and can result in significant injuries and even the deaths of Miami victims.

One of the most common forms of rear-end accident injuries is whiplash. Whiplash affects the neck and happens when a person's head is thrown forward and backward due to the force of an accident. Whiplash can be minor or serious and may result in pain, stiffness, dizziness and even cognitive disorders like affected memory and concentration.

What is a wrongful death?

The loss of a loved one is a tragic event in the life of a Miami resident. When that loss is unexpected, however, a person may suffer more significantly because they did not have time to stay goodbye or prepare for their loved one's death. When a death happens because of the actions of another party, that death may be considered wrongful if certain factors are present.

First, a death is considered wrongful if it occurred because of the negligent or intentional actions of another person. For example, when a driver gets behind the wheel of their vehicle after drinking alcohol, their actions may be considered negligent. If they crash into a pedestrian and kill that individual while they are in their state of intoxication, it may be reasonable to claim that the pedestrian's death was caused by the negligent actions of the drunk driver.

How can I protect myself in a slip and fall?

No one wants to experience a fall, but it can happen to anyone. Older people are particularly susceptible to falls, due to many physiological and cognitive changes that can come with age. A quarter of adults older than 65 experience a fall every year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and 20% of those falls will result in serious injury. Strangely, adults aged 50-60 experience even more falls, due to their increased activity over those who are older than them.

Though a fall can happen to anyone, there are times when someone else is to blame for the conditions that caused the fall in the first place. Florida businesses and companies need to be sure they don't have improperly maintained sidewalks, wet floors with no warning signs or dangerous stairs, so that customers and other people don't experience a slip and fall. However, in the interest of protecting yourself, experts say there are four ways to keep yourself safe if you do suffer a slip and fall.