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New York

New York Injury Claim Attorney Helping Tractor Trailer Accident Victims in New York City, Buffalo, North Hempstead and Rochester

Each day, thousands of trucks leave New York's busy harbors with heavy loads that must reach their intended destination by a certain time. Truckers work long hours, and are under constant pressure to get cargo to their destination as quickly as possible. The result? Corners are cut, shortcuts are taken, rules are broken and innocent drivers and passengers are put in danger.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a New York truck accident, the attorneys at Greenberg & Stone, can help protect your interests. We represent clients throughout New York State and nationwide in truck accident litigation. Our work includes representing the victims of truck accidents caused by driver fatigue,reckless driving and unsecured loads.

Trucking in New York

Many trucks in New York State are destined for the dense New York City metropolitan area, delivering goods throughout the five boroughs of NYC, Manhattan, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens and Staten Island. Some of these trucks leave the borders of New York bound for elsewhere. Many times, multiple companies may be involved, through complex business relationships and lease agreements. Regardless of where they are going, negligent truck drivers can cause serious accidents that result in serious injuries and even wrongful death.

Lawyers at Greenberg & Stone represent truck accident victims residing within New York City, in the Hudson Valley and other places throughout Upstate New York - such as Albany, Syracuse, Rochester and Buffalo. Many of these places are accessed through use of the New York State Thruway, made up of Interstate 90 and Interstate 87.

How We Can Help You

Our attorneys are available to law firms in New York State for referral representation, to act as local counsel or co-counsel in litigation in our home state of Florida. As experienced advocates, we handle complex cases involving multiple parties and work with top experts to effectively present your case to a jury, should the case progress that far. We begin preparing for trial from day one, conducting a complete investigation and placing an emphasis on attention to detail. We learn all we can about the accident and your injuries, no matter how much time it takes.

Our New York truck accident attorneys are committed to representing people who have been injured in truck accidents. We can handle all types of truck accidents, including:

  • Jackknife accidents can take place in all conditions, not just bad weather. If a truck driver does not properly apply the brakes, the trailer can continue to move, even though the cab is coming to a stop. The out-of-control trailer is nearly unstoppable. This is called "jackknifing."
  • Underride accidents take place when trucks stop suddenly, causing the cars behind them to continue under the body of the trailer. Underride accidents cause severe injuries and wrongful death.

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Call 888-499-9700 or e-mail our Florida law firm to see how our approach can work for you. New York truck accident attorneys at Greenberg & Stone are available 24/7 through e-mail or our answering service, and we place great emphasis on promptly responding to your potential injury claim.

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