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June 2010 Archives

Highway Accidents

Traffic Accidents Involving Semi Trucks on State and U.S. Highways

In the United States, our National Highway System consists of approximately 160,000 miles of roads. These roads are managed by the Federal Highway Administration (FHA) of the U.S. Department of Transportation, which is responsible for promoting safety, developing regulations and maintaining the highway system. Many state and local entities also play a significant role in governing and maintaining some highways.

Interstate Accidents

Trucking Accidents on Interstate Freeways

According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) of the U.S. Department of Transportation, surface transportation between the United States, Canada and Mexico was valued at $637 billion in 2009. Most of that trade involved large commercial vehicles and took place on interstate freeways running across North America. When commercial trucks and passenger vehicles share the same roads, the risk of accidents is high. Some interstate accidents are caused by truck driver negligence, whereas others are caused by defects in the truck or dangerous conditions on the interstate freeway itself.

Freeway Accidents

Truck Accidents on United States Freeways and Roads

A freeway is a type of road designed for safer high-speed operation of cars, trucks and buses. Freeways are built to accommodate high numbers of vehicles traveling at fast speeds, linking our busy cities and ports, making transportation easier and more efficient. Built with no stoplights or intersections, you would think there would be fewer crashes on freeways than on normal roads.

Turnpike Accidents

Truck Accidents on U.S. Turnpikes

The term "turnpike" is usually used to refer to a toll road. Large commercial vehicles often use these roads to transport goods across the country. There are a number of turnpikes throughout the United States, including: