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Tire Debris From Large Truck Causes Accident

Parts of a tire from a tractor-trailer caused a deadly accident on I-95 late Monday evening, according to Jacksonville.com

Pick Up Truck Flipped After Hitting Debris

The victims, Rebeca Hernandez-Martinez, Danial Lopez-Solis and the driver, Jose Camacho were in a Ford Explorer which flipped over and collided with a tree after hitting the tire debris from the tractor-trailer. Unfortunately, although all three were wearing their seat belts, Hernandez-Martinez lost her life, while Lopez-Solis had to be taken to Halifax General Hospital in critical condition. The driver, Jose Camacho, only suffered minor injuries.

Trucking Safety Regulations

Trucking companies have to comply with State and Federal safety and maintenance regulations in order to operate their trucks on our roads. However, some trucking companies will fail to maintain their vehicles as established by law in order to be more profitable. Among the most common violations that we have found throughout our years of practice are:

1. Failure to provide drivers with adequate training;
2. Forcing these drivers to work hours longer than those allowed by federal and state regulations, causing driver fatigue;
3. Failure to properly maintain their trucks, including running these tractors and trailers with worn out or defective tires; and 4. Overloading and/or improperly loading trucks.

Of course, the investigation into the circumstances of this accident continues and the specific facts regarding the technical condition of this particular tractor-trailer are still unknown, but the tire may have blown out because it was worn out beyond the limit set by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration in its Vehicle Safety Regulation, which in relevant parts state that:

Part 393.75(b) "Any tire on the front wheels of a bus, truck, or truck tractor shall have a tread groove pattern depth of at least 4/32 of an inch when measured at any point on a major tread groove...."

and that,

Part 398.5(e) Tires..."No motor vehicle shall be operated on tires which have been worn so smooth as to expose any tread fabric or which have any other defect likely to cause failure...."

Trucking companies operating their vehicles in such negligent manners are liable for the damages, injuries and deaths that they cause. Victims and close relatives of victims should immediately contact a law firm experienced in handling this kind of cases and not allow these trucking companies and their insurance carriers benefit from the victim's inaction. These trucking companies and their insurance companies have promptly sent their investigators to the scene of the accident and these investigators are collecting evidence that could otherwise be lost and even interviewing witnesses while the events in question are still fresh in their minds. You should have qualified lawyers and investigators working equally hard for you.

If you or a loved one have been injured in a truck accident, you should immediately contact a law firm experienced in handling these cases. The Miami Dade County Truck Accidents Law Offices of Greenberg Stone and Urbano has throughout the years represented many clients involved in traffic fatalities, traumatic brain injuries and serious personal injuries. The Managing partner, Stewart G. Greenberg is a Florida Board member of the Association of Plaintiff Interstate Trucking Lawyer's of America (APITLA). Visit our website to learn more about our firm and contact us today for a free consultation.

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