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New Drug May Help Recovery From Spinal Cord Injury

Degradation of an injured spinal cord is one of the issues, together with tissue damage, that doctors have to contend with when helping SCI patients recover. Thankfully there is a blood born lipid mediator, S1P, that prompts the migration of stem cells to the site of the contusion, helping regenerate the injured nerve. Japanese researchers discovered that the amount of S1P is substantially increased at the place of the injury when a contusion injury occurs and hypothesized that targeting these S1P receptors could further increase the migration of stem cells to the injury and accelerate the rate of regeneration of the nerve.

Consequently, researchers turned to FTY720, a new drug for patients with multiple sclerosis that acts as a broad S1P receptor modulator. According to medicalxpress.com, the tests performed on mice suffering with contusion SCI showed that the animal's motor function recovery improved significantly after oral administration of the drug. Until now, treatment of spinal cord injury has been limited to counteracting the negative effects of secondary injury and its pathological effects.

Of course, having success with mice is a long way from having success with larger animals, like primates. Until researchers can claim some degree of success with animals more alike humans than mice, we won't know for sure whether this new treatment will actually work with patients suffering a spinal cord injury.

Founder of Spinal Cord Injury Fund Dies

Unfortunately, Rogers Severson, the founder of the Spinal Cord Injury Special Fund has died. Mr. Severson, who at the time of his death was 72 years old, was paralyzed by a spinal cord injury in a horse riding accident in 1986. After his accident, doctors told him that he would never walk again, yet six months later he walked out of the rehabilitation center with the help of a cane.

Realizing that his treatment at the Casa Colina Center for Rehabilitation in Pomona had been possible because he had good insurance and the means to pay for top-notch medical care (something many other SCI victims did not have), Mr. Severson created the fund, which initially raised over $200,000.00 (including $50,000.00 from his own pocket). Over the years the fund has helped more than a thousand victims of spinal cord injuries gain access to medical treatment and equipment that they could not have otherwise afforded.

We Can Help

With more than 70 years of combined experience, the lawyers at Greenberg Stone and Urbano are ready to help victims that have suffered a spinal cord injury as a result of a car accident, a motorcycle accident, a tractor-trailer accident, an accident at an amusement park any other kind of accident caused by someone else's negligence recover the compensation they may be entitled to for their rehabilitation therapy and daily expenses.

If you or a loved one have suffered a spinal cord injury as a result of a car accident, a motorcycle accident, a tractor-trailer accident, an accident at an amusement park or any other kind of accident, you should immediately contact a law firm experienced in handling these cases. Throughout the years, the Miami Dade County Spinal Cord Injuries Law Offices of Greenberg, Stone & Urbano have represented many clients involved in serious motor vehicle accidents that have caused spinal cord injuries. Visit our website to learn more about our firm and contact us today for a free consultation.

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