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Regenerative Medicine May Help Victims of Car Accidents

Regenerative medicine is a new field of medicine that tries to develop technology based on a combination of chemistry, biology and engineering methods. The technology is commonly referred to as "nano technology". 

Nano Technology to Help Car Accident Victims

According to sciencedaily.com, this new treatment could be used to cure people that have suffered catastrophic injuries in accidents by regenerating tissue and organs damaged through injury. Apparently, this new "cure" resembles microscopic uncooked spaghetti in the form of "noodle gels" and other invisible man-made filaments. The regenerated tissue could include nerves severed in car or truck accidents.

As discussed in previous posts, the degradation of the spinal cord and the damage to tissue surrounding the injured area are part of the problems that doctors face when trying to help with the recovery of SCI patients. The regeneration of damaged nerves depends on the delivery of stem cells in a specific direction to target the damaged parts of the injured organ. These "noodle gels", created by Professor Samuel I. Stupp, Ph.D. and his team from Northwestern University, have proven effective in correctly aligning the stem cells necessary for the regeneration of damaged tissue.

The delivery of the stem cells necessary for the regeneration of damaged nerves is accomplished by using "signal proteins" that induce the cells to "group" at the damaged area. However, for the whole regenerative process to occur, the cells have to "stick around" the injured area before the "signal proteins" that bring and bind these cells together are absorbed by the body. If the signal proteins are absorbed too quickly, the cells will not have enough time to repair the damage.

Consequently, Professor Stupp's team developed a nano-filament formed by small bits of proteins that glue themselves together spontaneously. This "scaffold" could help attach the "signal proteins" (and therefore, the stem cells) to the injured area for the duration of the regenerative process. The nano-filament scaffold eventually breaks down and is absorbed by the body, leaving behind only the regenerated tissue.

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