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Will The New PIP Law Drive Car Insurance Rates Down?

In one word: maybe...According to the Tampa Bay Times, HB119 (as the measure was known while it made its way from the legislature to the Governor's office) may initially have the opposite effect...

What Is The Purpose Of Personal Injury Protection (PIP)?

A bit of history first: Florida's legislature created PIP to make sure that people in this state at least had a $10,000.00 cushion to pay for the emergency treatment they may need after a motor vehicle accident. Because the majority of people in car accidents sustain minor injuries, PIP would theoretically help drivers involved in these accidents get back on their feet.

However, some unscrupulous chiropractors and providers of other medical services have made it a habit to plunder the $10,000.00 from PIP policies by frequently administering to accident victims treatments that are usually found to be unnecessary over the course of several visits. In essence, after an accident victim is "seen" at these providers' offices, there is no money left for the treatment they really need: MRIs, therapy, hospitalization, orthopedics, even surgery.

Given this situation, the legislature decided to revise the law and came up with the new rules contained in HB119.

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