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Hormonal Treatment for TBIs

According to nytimes.com, Emory University of Atlanta and the National Institutes of Health have teamed up for a study trying to test the hypothesis that the reproductive hormone progesterone could minimize the damage caused by a traumatic injury to the brain if administered within four hours of the injury.

Hormonal Treatment Seems to Work

Michelle Vaquero is an 18-year-old that got hit by a car late one evening last December. She suffered a traumatic brain injury that gave the doctors (and thus, her mother) very little hope at the time. Yet, she has steadily improved because she was immediately enrolled in a study that included a three-day infusion of progesterone and they now hope her improvement will continue.

Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that around 1.7 million people suffer traumatic brain injuries in the United States every year. About 275,000 of those brain injured people are hospitalized and more than 50,000 die. The C.D.C. estimates the cost of treating these patients at about $76 billion a year.

Progesterone Helps to Improve Memory

A Neuroscientist and professor of emergency medicine at Emory University, Donald Stein, is the reason for this new treatment: he remembered how years ago, while performing research with female lab rats with brain injuries, their memory was enhanced by an excess of progesterone when they where pregnant. However, due to the long held believe that the brain could not regenerate cells, drug companies were not interested in paying for this research.

Moreover, progesterone seems to have other positive effects on brain injuries, like reducing the swelling that causes more cells to die. Many patients die of brain swelling after suffering a traumatic brain injury. Typically, the cells at the point of impact die and as they die they release toxic substances that cause the brain to swell. As the brain swells inside the confines of the skull, the veins and arteries that bring oxygen are constricted and the vital flow of oxygen stops. This lack of oxygen causes more brain cells to die. And, as the cells die, they decompose and release the chemicals that cause the brain to swell further. If doctors don't stop to this vicious circle, the patient dies.

We Can Help

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