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A Hit and Run Can Happen at Sea Too...

Miami's hit and run cases have now taken to the waters off the city's coast. According to cbslocal.com, a couple coming back in their 13-foot Boston Whaler from Nixon Beach to Dinner Key Marina in Coconut Grove, were struck by a 25-foot WhiteWater fishing boat that subsequently left the scene of the accident without providing any kind of assistance to the injured couple on the sinking Boston Whaler.

Hit and Run Victims Left to Die

Steven Hudson, 49, and his girlfriend Brenda O'Campo, 48, had spent the day at a sand bar near Nixon Beach and were coming back to shore when the accident happened. Mr. Hudson suffered serious injuries that left him bleeding from his head and nose. His girlfriend, Ms. O'Campo, only suffered non-life threatening injuries. They were taken to Jackson Memorial Hospital.

Thankfully, despite suffering hypothermia, Ms. O'Campo kept her calm and was able to call for help. Her frantic 911 call helped authorities find them. During the call she stated that her boyfriend was unconscious and bleeding, that she could not reach their life jackets or launch a flare and that their boat was taking on water. In the dark of night, she could not tell the rescue operator exactly where they were. To make matters worst, the impact knocked off the lights of the Boston Whaler.

Two rescue crews in helicopters and three agencies were involved in the rescue efforts. It took them nearly an hour to locate the sinking Boston Whaler and its occupants about two and a half miles off shore.

Hit and Run Boat Apparently Located

Later that evening, authorities were able to locate the boat that apparently struck the Boston Whaler at dinner key marina. A 25-foot WhiteWater fishing boat with damage consistent to that suffered in a recent collision was found and the owner stated that the boat had been stolen earlier that day.

Anyone can get involved in an accident, but not everyone commits a felony. Usually, people whose moral turpitude and selfishness makes them believe they are impervious to justice commit felonies. Law abiding (until then) community members decide one day to go boating and forget that drinking alcohol is as forbidden while operating a boat as it is while operating a car. They have a couple of drinks and get into an accident while boating. Suddenly realizing that they may have had one too many drinks and the gravity of their predicament, these until-then responsible people suddenly forget their legal duty to stop, as well as their duty as human beings to assist their victims, especially in cases like this, where the victims were left to an almost certain death had authorities not been able to find them before their boat sank. I don't want to think about what might have happened to those two people, one of them unconscious and bleeding, had they remained in those pitch dark waters longer...

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