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Captain Of Costa Concordia Defends His Actions in Interview

The captain of the doomed "Costa Concordia" defended his actions in an interview with Bob McKeown of the Fifth Estate last Friday. According to cbc.ca.com, Captain Francesco Schettino stated he has been unfairly blamed for both the shipwreck that cost the lives of 32 people and for appearing to abandon the ship before everyone had been evacuated.

It's Not A Crime, It's An Accident

Moreover, the ship's Captain stated: ""It's not a crime, it's an accident," "And there is a difference between crime and accident. In this case, it's being treated like a crime, and I don't understand why."

Captain Schettino continued saying that the ship was not on the course he had ordered and that he believes it was an error by the helmsman that contributed to the problem. The evidence from the ship's "black box," he continued, supported the preceding contention. He had ordered a sail-past salute (which is an old Italian maritime tradition that consists in sailing close by land) to the island of Giglio on the evening of January 13th, 2012, which meant having the ship travel parallel to the island's shore at a distance of about one- half a nautical mile. However, once he arrived on the bridge to command the salute and took control, he saw foam on the water and realized the ship was in shallow water and had in fact been heading at full speed toward the rocks. He immediately ordered a turn to port (to the left), but apparently the opposite happened. Soon thereafter, the ship struck rocks in the shallow waters and a 35 meter gash opened in the hull below the waterline, causing the ship to capsize and sink onto the rocks.

Accidentally Slid Off The Ship Onto Lifeboat

The captain stated during the interview that he delayed ordering the evacuation of passengers because he did not want to create a panic situation. He also claimed to have had the expectation that they would be safer if closer to shore, where they could be rescued. Captain Schettino continued saying that one only orders an evacuation once it's realized that it would be more dangerous to keep the passengers on board. However, he claims, with the ship still in motion toward deeper water, it would have been dangerous to man the lifeboats.

Finally, Captain Schettino stated that while coordinating the evacuation of the ship, he "accidentally slid off the side of the listing ship onto a lifeboat." The passengers on the submerged side were already off and the problem was getting those on the high side off. However, the captain states, he and his crew-members were at risk of being crushed by the still listing ship, so they had "no choice but to go: otherwise they would have died."

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