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How to File a Personal Injury Case After Being Hit By a Drunk Driver in Florida

It can certainly be a nightmare to sustain serious injuries due to the negligence of a drunk driver. In a split second, people's lives can drastically change as a result of the poor choices of those who decide to drink and drive, despite the well-known and severely impairing effects of alcohol. While driving under the influence in the State of Florida is treated as a crime - and comes with it certain penalties (i.e., depending upon the nature of the accident and amount of prior DUI charges that the offender may have) - sometimes a DUI charge is simply not enough. For the innocent victims of intoxicated drivers, it is not surprising that following their accident, they are forced to deal with enormous medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost income and future wages, and other expenses associated with being injured in a car accident. In addition, for those that face resulting long-term or permanent disabilities, a DUI charge can never undo the damage caused by the careless and inexcusable choices of a person who ultimately chose to drive while intoxicated.

Our Miami car accident attorneys aggressively pursue personal injury cases against intoxicated drivers given our first-hand understanding as to how devastating DUI-related injuries can be for people involved in these types of accidents. With this in mind, we take these cases very seriously, and fight tirelessly to get our clients results. Despite whether criminal charges are pending or not against a wrongdoer, there are ways of holding drunk drivers as well as third parties responsible for having caused and/or contributed to our clients' injuries, such as:

1. Pursuing claims against the establishment where the intoxicated driver was served. Specifically, if a person was visibly intoxicated and yet still served alcohol, that business can be held liable under Florida's "dram shop" laws for any resulting injuries or death to third party victims. Moreover, if a person was served alcohol or drugs at a private person's home and they later cause an accident involving injury or death to others, the homeowner can be held liable under Florida' social host law.

2. Helping victims file claims through the drunk driver's insurance carrier. Should the person be under-insured or have no insurance altogether, it may be possible to seek compensation under the victim's own insurance policy. Should the victim's policy deny the person's claims, he or she can file a lawsuit against their insurance carrier for its refusal to honor its own policies by paying the full value of your car accident claim.
3. Pursuing monetary damages against the drunk driver for the following:

a. Medical expenses and lost wages b. Future medical care costs
c. Loss of quality of life d. Long-term care costs e. Pain and suffering
If you or someone you love has been injured by an intoxicated driver, it is crucial to speak to an attorney that is capable of handling these types of complex cases. Only a skilled Miami Personal Injury Attorney can assist you in learning more about your legal options, the nature and extent of your rights and responsibilities, how you can prove your case against a drunk driver/other responsible parties, and how to maximize your chances of monetary recovery. Our attorneys are available 24/7 through e-mail or answering service. Call us at either (888) 499-9700 or (305) 595-2400, or feel free to contact us online to find out how our client-oriented and individualized approach can work for you. Let the highly skilled Miami Car Accident Attorneys at Greenberg Stone and Urbano help you today.

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