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Your Guide to Parking Lot Safety in Miami

Accidents in Miami area parking lots are a serious problem. Parking lot accidents can leave pedestrians, many of them who are children or the elderly, severely and sometimes fatally injured. As such, our Miami car accident attorneys following offer some tips for keeping yourself and your loved ones safe in parking lots and also, steps to take if you are involved in such an accident:

• Drivers in parking lots are often preoccupied with getting into and out of parking spots. Their attention may be so focused on maneuvering that they may not see you or others who are walking with you in the parking lot. Many people immediately get on the cell phones once hey get into the car and don't wait to make a call until after they have safely gotten out of te parking area. You can protect yourself from parking lot accidents by paying close attention to cars that are entering and leaving parking spaces so that you can see moving vehicles, even if the drivers may not see you.

• Avoid using your cell phone while you are walking in a parking lot. Using your cell phone while walking, just as it does for drivers, takes your attention away from walking safely through the parking lot and watching vehicles that may be driving through the parking lot or pulling into or backing out of parking spaces.

• If you are walking in a parking lot and have children with you, keep in mind that even careful drivers can have a hard time seeing children who are walking near or behind their vehicles. Inform children of the dangers of parking lots, and ask that they hold your hand whenever you are out and about. For infants and young children, you may want to use a stroller or child carrier to keep them close to you. When you return to your car, secure your children in their seats before doing anything like putting shopping bags into the car or putting the shopping cart away. Just be careful and watch the kids so that a stranger does not approach them.

• Choose the safest possible route through the parking lot. Use the aisles for walking and avoid walking between vehicles whenever possible, because if one of them moves, you could be crushed between them. If you are walking through a parking lot at night, choose a path through a well lit area so that you can be seen and stay safe.

• If you or someone that you love is injured in parking lot accident, notify the owner of the lot immediately. The driver of the vehicle may not be the only person who can be held accountable for your injury or loss. Specifically, the owner of the parking lot may in some way be responsible for your loss if they have not maintained their parking lot in a safe condition. Our firm has successfully handled many of these cases.

Since there may be multiple parties responsible for a parking lot accident and the investigation of parking lot accidents can be a complex matter, you need the help of the knowledgeable Miami Parking Lot Accident Attorneys at Greenberg Stone and Urbano They understand what your family is going through at this very difficult time, and they will treat you with care and respect as they work hard to help you recover from your injuries or the loss of your loved one. Please call us at 1-888-499-9700 or 1-305-595-2400 to schedule a free, confidential consultation.

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