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Technology Plays a Key Role in Getting Compensation for a Rear-end Accident

Do you remember sitting in math or science class and lamenting the fact that you never really will have to know or apply the theories being discussed? Well, if you have been involved in a car accident where your car was hit by another vehicle, then this information might be critical to getting you the damages award you rightfully deserve. Rear-end accidents frequently lead to whiplash injuries, as well as other neck and back injuries.

The reason for this is the transfer of force from the impacting vehicle to the front vehicle and its occupants. The driver and any passengers are easier points for the flow of energy and absorb a disproportionate percentage of the impact. Accident reconstruction experts are able to calculate this impact force and load, determine the rate of speed of the impacting vehicle, and ascertain what the other driver was doing wrong at the time of the accident.

The experienced, Miami auto accident attorneys at Greenberg Stone and Urbano understand the critical role that an accident reconstruction expert can have on the outcome of a Miami car accident case, including significantly influencing out-of-court settlement or jury awards. We will use every available resource to get justice for our clients who have suffered as the result of a rear-end collision.

Accident Reconstruction Experts Provide Crucial Information in Rear-end Collision Cases

The physical harm caused by a rear-end collision has been the subject of legal and scholarly debate for decades. The insurance industry has come out swinging, publishing studies asserting that up to one-third of whiplash and other soft tissue injury claims resulting from rear-end and other collisions are fraudulent. However, medical experts have used pain block analyses and autopsies of whiplash sufferers to show that these injuries are very real and very painful.

Expert accident reconstruction specialists are another important tool to demonstrate the very real harm suffered by accident victims.
Having a expert who can submit a report and take the stand, if necessary, providing evidence that the relative speeds of the impacting and front vehicles, the associated forces and loads experienced by the victims, and the damage that was evident on the vehicles are all consistent with the injuries that were suffered is critical to overcome the rhetoric of the insurance companies.

These experts are able to prepare visual aid reconstructions of the accident. If necessary, they may even conduct a biomechanical simulation that demonstrates the forces to which each occupant of the impacted vehicle was subjected during the crash. The simulated data can be compared to known scientific tolerances of human tissue and a finding that the injury is consistent with the nature of the collision can be reached by the trier-of-fact.

An accident reconstruction expert will be able to determine:

• At what rate of speed the impacting vehicle was traveling at the time of collision;

• The mechanism by which the impacting car caused the injuries suffered by the victim, even if the damage to the vehicles was not too severe;

• The reason why one of the vehicles may show significantly more or less damage than the other one; and
• What role the construction of the vehicle played in the injuries suffered by the victims, including the effect that the wearing of a seatbelt and the positioning of the various head rests had on the resulting harm.

Legal Help for Those Injured in a Miami Auto Accident

The attorneys of Greenberg Stone and Urbano believe that it is critical for those injured in rear-end car collisions to have the assistance of experienced and dedicated personal injury attorneys to get the compensation that they deserve. With more than three decades of auto accident expertise, our attorneys have the knowledge, commitment, and network of experts to ensure their clients receive a fair settlement, which has been recognized by nationwide peer review organizations such as Martindale Hubbell ("AV" rated), Florida SuperLawyers and by Primerus. We understand you have medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering as a result of your accident and we will work aggressively on your behalf to recoup those loses. Our attorneys are among those voted South Florida's top-rated lawyers by the Miami Herald. Call (888) 499-9700 or (305) 595-2400 or visit our website for more information following your car accident in Miami.

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