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Identity Theft Insurance - Florida Ranks Highest In Country for Identity Thefts

Most people know what basic types of insurance are available to consumers. Car insurance, flood insurance, hurricane insurance, health insurance, life insurance, and long term care insurance are widely known. However, many people are not aware that identity theft insurance is yet another way to insure against potential harm. In Florida, identity theft is rampant, ranking higher than any other state.

To combat the wrongful intrusion on the privacy of Florida citizens, insurance companies have become clever. They are now offering identity theft insurance coverage. It is astounding that 1 in 23 Americans are affected by identity theft. If your identity is stolen and you file a claim with your homeowner's insurance company, our Miami insurance claim lawyers know you may be able to receive the amount of money stolen up to a certain limit, depending on your policy, lost wages in addition to the processing fees for forms and mailings that are required to get your life back on track without having to pay a deductible.

How To File an Identity Theft Insurance Claim

As a Florida citizen, you have every right to be concerned about the safety of your identity, as any theft will have severe financial consequences both on you and on your family. The amount of stress and hassle to re-establish yourself takes a toll on your ability to function. If you have chosen to acquire identity theft insurance, either as a single plan, or as part of a homeowner's insurance plan, filing a claim is much like filing any other insurance claim, except you have less to prove with identity theft insurance.

If your identity is stolen, the process for filing a claim and receiving compensation for what you lost will be much easier than filing a flood insurance claim or car insurance claim. If your identity has truly been stolen, all you need to prove to your insurance company is that you (1) have filed a police report; (2) you have completed an ID Theft Affidavit, as required by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC); and (3) provide documentation from your bank and creditors that you were not the one who made specific transactions. By filing the affidavit, you can use this to close your accounts to prevent further abuse to your identity.

Upon receiving the required documentation, your insurance carrier will then do an investigation and valuation on what you have lost. Most of the time, policies will cover everything that has been stolen from you. However, if you have lost an immense amount of money, there may be policy limits on the dollar amount you can receive from your successful claim.

Is Identity Theft Insurance Really Worth It?

Based on Florida's current status as being number one in identity thefts, insurance doesn't sound like a bad idea. But, like with any other insurance plan, you should think about the positive and negative consequences of obtaining identity theft insurance. If you have already been the victim of identity theft and had no recourse, identity theft insurance may be beneficial for you so that you feel safe in case harm strikes again.

If you are someone with an unusual, unique name and you don't believe there's even a slight chance that your identity will be stolen, then perhaps identity theft insurance isn't for you. Further, it is important to understand that the denial of insurance claims is prevalent regardless of the type of insurance. If you have filed an identity theft insurance claim and been denied, you should consult with an experienced insurance claim attorney immediately to discuss your situation. You deserve to regain your identity and receive the lost compensation that has been taken from you. A seasoned attorney can fight for you and help you get back what you are entitled to.

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