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Recovering from Burn-Related Injuries in Florida

Undoubtedly, car accidents can lead to serious and sometimes catastrophic injuries. These types of injuries unfortunately include severe burns, bodily disfigurement and sometimes death. If you were involved in an accident and suffered burn related injuries as a result, you need to seek medical treatment as soon as possible. Even if you think that your burns are not serious, foregoing treatment can cause chronic pain and other long term medical conditions. Moreover, waiting to have a medical professional evaluate and treat your burns may affect your ability to obtain the money you deserve to sufficiently compensate you for all of your injuries. Further, it is also important to speak with a Miami burn injury attorney as soon as possible if you sustained burns in an accident. These types of cases can be extremely complex, requiring the help of an attorney who has the skills and training necessary to effectively represent you.

How do Burn Related Injuries Happen in Florida?

In general, fires that ignite during car accidents are much more common that you think. According to nationwide accident statistics, the main causes of these accidents in the U.S. are as follows: overheated engines, fuel tanks that leak, and improperly maintained tires and other car parts. Moreover, defective and poorly designed vehicles also contribute to the number of reported burns and related fatalities in the U.S. For example, numerous car fires are started because of improper electrical wiring and defective/poorly designed fuel tanks that leave cars vulnerable to explosion.

Overall, vehicle fires typically start when a large amount of friction is generated, which usually happens when a car collides with another automobile or object. Such friction creates an enormous amount of heat, which then can ignite fires in the more susceptible parts of an automobile listed above. During the summer, burn related injuries are more likely to occur than in other seasons due to the massive amount of heat that acts as a catalyst for flames to erupt. Since Florida has a very warm climate, it isn't surprising that many car accidents involve fires and burn-related injuries.

Do I need a Miami Car Accident Lawyer to Help Me?

While Florida law does not require you to hire a lawyer for your personal injury case, it definitely makes sense to have one. Handling the legalities associated with representing burn victims can be both challenging and complex. Accordingly, it is important to consult with an attorney who has the requisite skills and experience to handle these difficult types of cases. Proving causation in burn related car accident cases takes a significant amount of skill and effort, since opposing counsel and insurance companies alike will do whatever it takes to deny responsibility for causing for the fire. Since car fires happen for many different reasons, it is often an uphill battle trying to establish where and how the fire exactly started. Only an experienced Miami auto accident attorney will evaluate the facts of your case and consult with the experts necessary to help prove causation for your burn related injuries.

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