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A Look at the Causes Behind Tractor Trailer Accidents in Florida: Part I

A search of the local news reveals that accidents involving commercial trucks, big rigs, tractor trailers, and 18 wheelers occur all too often in South Florida, with frequently deadly results. Recently, in Palm Beach, Florida, a large crane truck ran over a pedestrian, killing the man then continuing to drive for about a mile before realizing a person was struck. The crane was heading on Royal Palm and turning south on South Country Road when the incident occurred. Witnesses attempted to warn the crane driver before he ran over 68 year old James Brennan, who fell underneath the truck. 

Meanwhile, in Miramar, a tractor trailer struck a woman in a wheelchair, who was dragged by the truck before the driver sped off. The woman died instantly, and the driver was later apprehended.

In West Palm Beach, a car that hydroplaned on I-95 ended up wedged underneath a semi-truck. The vehicle was dragged for several miles, and though the ride was terrifying, amazingly the driver and passenger of the vehicle remained unharmed.

The result was not so fortunate for JoJo Nicolas, a former University of Miami football player who died in a crash involving a tractor trailer in Miami. Nicolas was driving westbound on the Causeway when he rear-ended a tractor trailer in front of him. His vehicle went under the tractor trailer and the truck tore into the car. The cause of the accident is still being investigated.

As these local news stories illustrate, tractor trailer and other large commercial truck accidents can lead to tragic consequences and occur at alarming frequency. In Part I of this three part series, our Miami truck accident lawyers examine some of the common causes of tractor trailer accidents in Florida. It is our hope that this list can help you stay safe by anticipating the causes of truck accidents. It will also aid in your understanding of the problem of truck accidents so that if you are in an accident, your chances of recovery will be better.

1. Fatigue-long hours on the road, strict deadlines, and heavy workloads often lead to truck driver fatigue. Numerous studies show that driving tired can be just as dangerous as driving drunk. When you are in control of an 80,000 pound commercial truck, the problems of tired driving are further exasperated. Fatigue causes driving mistakes and blunts reaction times. A licensed truck accident attorney will help you determine whether the truck driver that caused your accident was fatigued.

2. Distracted driving-distracted driving is a national problem that affects all drivers, but it is a special hazard when the distracted driver is pioneering an enormous truck. Truck drivers are more often to become distracted than the average driver because they spend so many hours on the road. They sometimes engage in behaviors such as talking on the phone, texting, emailing, shaving and other grooming, and eating. An experienced Florida truck accident attorney will subpoena phone records and interview witnesses to uncover whether distracted played a role in your accident.

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