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A Look at the Causes Behind Tractor Trailer Accidents in Florida: Part III

In Parts I and II of this three part series, our Miami truck accident lawyers examined the following common causes of tractor trailer accidents: 1) driver fatigue; 2) distracted driving; 3) drug use; 4) speeding; 5) exceeding hours of service requirements; 6) poor maintenance. In the final part of our look at the causes of commercial truck accidents, we address some additional causes of commercial truck accidents. It is our hope that an understanding of the causes of these devastating accidents will help you stay safe.

7. Road rage-an estimated 10% of all trucking accidents occur as a result of road rage. Triggers behind road rage can range from fatigue, traffic congestion, and drug use. The aggressive driving that leads to road rage can cause poor driving decisions and erratic behavior. Your commercial truck accident attorney will use witness statements and an examination of the scene of the accident to evaluate whether road rage was a factor in the accident. In many trucking accidents, drivers are required to submit to drug and alcohol testing.

8. Poor road conditions-in Florida, as well as in other states heavy rain, snow and ice can cause dangerous road conditions, which often play a factor in tractor trailer accidents. Commercial trucks frequently carry heavy loads that make it difficult for them to maneuver or stop on slippery roads. All drivers must take proper precaution when traveling on slippery road surfaces, but sometimes truck drivers fail to reduce their speed sufficiently and crashes result.

9. Defective brakes-
tractor trailers typically use air pressure rather than hydraulic fluid to engage the brakes. Such a braking system must be in proper working condition, with all pressure supply systems, valves, and gages in perfect order. Moreover, the truck's brakes must be carefully balanced. If defective brakes are suspected to have played a role in the crash, your truck accident attorney should request an immediate inspection of the braking system as soon as possible after the accident. We also demand access to the Event Data Recording System ("Black Box") of the truck or tractor in an effort to gather valuable information which often helps in reconstructing the facts of the crash....

10. Exceeding maximum weight limits-tractor trailers are often loaded to their maximum capacity in an effort to haul as much material or cargo as possible. Each state sets its own size and weight restrictions. Florida currently allows trucks to travel at a maximum of 88,000 pounds. Exceeding this weight restriction can lead to accidents by requiring longer than normal stopping distance, stressing the brakes or causing brake failure, and rendering the truck more difficult to control and more likely to roll over. Evidence that a commercial truck exceeded the maximum weight standards can be used to prove negligence.

These are just a few of the most common causes of truck accidents. All individuals injured in a trucking accident should consult with an attorney as soon as possible, so that a full investigation can be conducted into the cause of the accident.

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