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Frequently Asked Questions about Motorcycle Accidents in Florida: Part I

Florida is home to a large number of motorcyclists. Our balmy climate and many highways that stretch the span of the state make Florida an ideal place to ride. Tourists flock to Florida on their motorcycles annually, and our state is host to a number of motorcycle enthusiast events. Sadly, with the popularity of motorcycles comes a high rate of accidents. Each year, approximately 7,300 individuals are injured in crashes across the state.

Over three hundred riders are killed on motorcycles annually. Miami-Dade, with its miles of highways and more than its share of distracted drivers, is considered the most dangerous Florida county for motorcyclists, home to nearly 40 deaths each year. Given the high rate of serious injury or death, victims of motorcycle accidents and their families require the assistance of a Miami motorcycle accident attorneywho will pursue their interests to the fullest extent in either a personal injury or wrongful death action.

The following is a compilation of questions frequently asked by motorcycle accident victims and their families. These questions can provide you with some initial information and understanding, which your licensed Florida motorcycle accident attorney can further expound upon.

What are the most common causes of motorcycle accidents in Florida?

1. Left hand turns into motorcyclists-by some accounts, motor vehicles making a left hand turn in front of motorcyclists who have the right of way is the leading cause of motorcycle accidents. The drivers of cars and trucks frequently fail to check their mirrors, observe stop signs or stop lights, or yield the right of way. This can leave the motorcyclist with no time to react before he or she pummels into the side of the vehicle. Motorcyclists injured in this manner will have a strong personal injury claim based on the motor vehicle driver's negligence.

2. Distracted driving-South Florida is home to many businesses and has a thriving tourist industry. Drivers throughout the Miami-Dade and Palm Beach area notoriously drive distracted. Distraction can include: talking on the phone, texting, surfing the web, emailing, eating, grooming, looking for a business or restaurant and the like. Distracted driving is dangerous to all drivers, but particularly to the less visible and less protected motorcyclists.

3. Unsafe lane changes-on the many highways throughout southeast Florida, drivers must carefully check blind spots and use their turn signal before making lane changes. Unfortunately, many drivers fail to obey this basic rule of the road and merge into oncoming motorcyclists, causing often serious or even deadly results.
Are all motorcycle accidents in Florida caused by driver error?

While most motorcycle accidents in the Sunshine State are caused by driver error, this is not the case for all. Sometimes, collisions can be attributed to: defective motorcycles; equipment failure; road debris or defective roadways. If these conditions give rise to an accident, the property owner of the defective roadway or the manufacturer of the motorcycle may be liable. Injured riders can bring an action under products liability law or premises liability.

What actions can a motorcycle accident victim pursue?

Those injured in a motorcycle accident can seek compensation from the negligent driver for their injuries and damages sustained in a personal injury lawsuit. These suits must generally be filed within four years from the time of the accident and two years from a death. Prompt action is always more likely to lead to a favorable outcome.
Our firm has successfully represented many, many cyclists who have been severely injured or who have lost ther lives in crashes. In each and every case, an early, thorough investigation has been conducted.

Greenberg Stone and Urbano: Fighting for the Recovery of Motorcycle Accident Victims Across South Florida

If you or someone you love has been injured in a motorcycle accident, it is important to seek legal representation immediately. At Greenberg, Stone & Urbano, our seasoned team of personal injury attorneys has over 120 years of collective experience representing the victims of motorcycle accidents across South Florida. Our commitment to client recovery has earned an "AV" rating from Martindale Hubbell, and it is why we have been asked to join Primerus, an international society of leading law firms. Moreover, the Miami Herald voted us as one of the top-rated South Florida law firm, and, we have earned the title of "Superlawyers," designating us as being among the best lawyers in America. We want to put this dedication to work for you, so call us at (888) 499-9700 or (305) 595-2400 or visit our website to schedule an initial consultation.

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