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Why the "Novelty" of Non-Certified Helmets Wears Off Fast in a Miami Motorcycle Collision

While most motorcyclists recognize the value of a helmet in preventing or minimizing head injuries, the growing popularity of novelty helmets reveals that not all helmets are created equal. Although novelty helmets might make a trendy fashion statement, they might offer no more protection than electing not to wear a helmet at all. To make matters worse, an increasing number of cheap knock-off helmets imported from China can be hard to distinguish from properly certified helmets. A study of head impact attenuation tests conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reached the alarming conclusion that novelty helmets showed a 100 percent likelihood of brain injuries or skull fractures.

Comparing Performance of Novelty Helmets and Certified Helmets in Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle helmets that comply with minimum federal safety standards set forth by FMVSS No. 218 have been determined to be highly effective in reducing the number of traumatic brain injuries and wrongful deaths in serious motorcycle crashes. Unfortunately, our Miami motorcycle accident lawyers find that many riders are left unprotected because they do not realize that their novelty helmet offers little if any protection in the event of a collision. Although helmets that meet minimum safety standards are required to include a "DOT" symbol, imported novelty helmets often bear counterfeit DOT labels.

Tests conducted by the NHTSA demonstrate the clear disparity in performance between novelty helmets and certified helmets in terms of protecting the head of a rider. Under the FMCSS No. 218 standards, a certified helmet cannot allow more than a transfer of 440g acceleration to the headform. The novelty helmets permitted the transfer of substantially greater acceleration to the headform, which was measured at between 636g to 992g force. The disparity was attributed to the fact that novelty helmets have virtually no liner to attenuate energy during impact. This data was used in conjunction with a Simulated Injury Monitor which revealed a 100 percent probability of brain injury and skull fracture. All of the novelty helmets in the test permitted a "striker", the device used to transfer a penetrating blow to the helmet to penetrate the shell and impact the headform. Federal standards forbid this type of penetration.

The study results also suggest that novelty helmets may not even remain on a rider's head during a collision because of inadequate straps and fastening hardware. Again, the novelty helmets failed testing based on federal standards because the retention systems on the helmets stretched more than one inch or separated entirely. These results indicate that during a collision the motorcyclist's helmet would not stay in place during a collision. The study concluded that novelty helmets do not provide protection from either penetration of the helmet or impact to the helmet. Further, novelty helmets generally will be dislodged during a collision.

Seeking Compensation for Traumatic Brain Injuries Suffered in Motorcycle Crashes

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