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Truck Driver Drug Usage and Accidents

Commercial truckers spend much time on the road and often work odd, tedious hours. For these and other reasons, drug use among truckers has been a common problem for decades. For over 25 years, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has studied truck drivers and their use of drugs, hoping to uncover data that can help keep the public safe from this serious problem that holds the potential to impact us all.

According to research by the NTSB, drug usage among truck drivers has been a major factor in both fatal and non-fatal truck accidents. In fact, the use of drugs has been linked to thousands of truck accident fatalities, including deaths of truck drivers.

Long hours behind the wheel of a massive truck, unending highways and roads, and driving during times when many are sleep are a regular part of the lives of truck drivers. Our Miami truck accident lawyers find that the isolation of these long hours on the road with minimal communication with others, as well as the tedious nature of the job, often leads truck drivers to use drugs and alcohol.

Methamphetamine is a drug notoriously used by truck drivers. A survey of truck drivers revealed that 89 percent said methamphetamine was easily available at truck stops. Methamphetamine has become known as a trucker's drug of choice because it allows drivers to stay awake long, log more hours, and deliver their cargo to its intended destination ahead of schedule, thus allowing truckers to complete more jobs.

Controlling Truck Driver Drug Use

In response to mounting evidence of truck driver drug usage, the NTSB passed strict rules and guidelines for truck drivers and their employees. Trucking companies are required to randomly drug test their drivers. At least half of all drivers should be tested each year. While initially these laws seemed to have an impact on reducing the rate of drug use among truckers, lax enforcement and a variety of ways to manipulate the urine tests has diminished the law's deterrent effect.

Prescription drug use is an additional problem among truck drivers today, with many truckers taking medications for ADHD, depression, anxiety, mental health issues, and more. Though these drugs are legal, they can have an impact on perception, reaction time, level of consciousness, and more. Regulating the use of prescription drugs among truckers has proven even more difficult than eradicating illegal drug usage.

Drug usage, including alcohol, is the second largest contributing factor to truck accidents. As such, it is imperative you and your licensed truck accident attorney thoroughly investigate the possibility that drugs played a role in your truck accident. Quick action after an accident can help you preserve the crucial evidence of drug usage you need to form your personal injury case.

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