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Florida Truck Accident Attorneys Discuss Dump Truck Collisions

Any commercial truck accident has the potential to cause serious injuries because of the weight of the vehicle. One of the most serious crashes that can occur is between a dump truck and a passenger vehicle because of the concentrated weight of the truck, the high ground clearance under which a vehicle can be crushed, and other factors. This summer, there was a fatal crash in Orange County, Florida where two women were killed in a crash involving a dump truck. The truck driver was not injured, according to the news story. Another accident like this happened in Maryland last week, where two people also were killed. According to the news report, the two fatalities were in the passenger vehicle that collided with the dump truck while the commercial truck operator was uninjured.

When a dump truck is involved in a collision with passenger vehicle, the occupants of the car, van, or light truck often suffer devastating harm. At Greenberg Stone and Urbano, our dedicated attorneys analyze all the facts of the case in order to develop effective strategies to get the compensation that our clients deserve. Our Miami truck accident lawyers have more than 120 years of collective experience in holding negligent attorneys accountable for their wrongdoing.

There are dump trucks all over the roads of South Florida and most of the time, these large vehicles are operated in a safe manner. However, when there is a driver who is not trained properly, a truck that is not maintained appropriately, or a reckless or negligent operator. The trucks that traverse the state are loaded with materials such as sands, rocks, construction materials, and waste.

There are many ways in which a dump truck collision occurs, including:

  • Accidents while backing up - the sheer size of a dump truck makes visibility a challenge for a truck operator. If the driver does not take extra precautions to ensure a clear path, then it can lead to a horrific impact with individuals or vehicles behind the truck;
  • Accidents as the result of overloading or weight imbalances - these vehicles are designed to carry heavy loads, but these trucks can overbalance or can experience tire blowouts while traveling at a high rate of speed, leading to terrible crashes; and
    Collisions with other vehicles - there are many circumstances in which a truck can impact another vehicle, including crossing over into oncoming traffic, making swinging turns, changing lanes recklessly, or taking other actions that place the dump truck into the path of other vehicles.

    Many times, an accident can be caused by something as basic as a driver failing to respond to changing weather conditions, failing to brake in time to avoid impacting stopped vehicles, or speeding through a construction zone. When there is a serious accident, it is critical to gather evidence of the crash as quickly as possible. Trucking companies will have attorneys working to challenge the claim before the emergency personnel have even cleared the scene, so it is imperative to retain the right attorney as soon as possible.

Greenberg Stone and Urbano Uncovers the Truth about Truck Accident Cases

When a person has been in a serious collision with a dump truck, he often faces years of medical rehabilitation, pain, and suffering. The compassionate and knowledgeable Miami truck accident attorneys at Greenberg Stone and Urbano know how to gather the evidence necessary to demonstrate that the operator of the dump truck was negligent or some other form of negligence contributed to the crash. Our attorneys have spent more than 30 years working hard to get the right results for our clients. Martindale Hubbell has awarded our commitment with an AV rating. In addition, the Miami Herald has voted our law firm as one of South Florida's top-rated firms. Moreover, we are members of the distinguished legal society Primerus. To discuss the harm that you have endured as the result of an accident, please call us at (888) 499-9700 or (305) 595-2400 or visit our website to schedule an appointment.

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