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Florida Truck Accident Attorneys Discuss Avoiding Truck Accidents

It is an unavoidable fact that cars and trucks share road space on nearly every roadway in South Florida. Many times, the truck driver will operate the large commercial truck in a negligent manner, leading to a serious accident. In other cases, the trucking company will not maintain the truck properly, resulting in a dangerous crash waiting to happen. Although there are many situations where a collision in unavoidable, there are steps that a driver can take to minimize his or her risk of a devastating crash.

A person who has been involved in a severe crash with a truck faces a long recovery period. The financial and emotional stress of this time can be horrific. The knowledgeable and compassionate Miami car accident attorneys at Greenberg Stone and Urbano have more than 130 years of experience in helping victims get the help that they need to move forward from an injury.

Each year, there are hundreds of thousands of collisions involving a car and a commercial truck across the country. Many of these crashes lead to serious injuries and fatalities. There are measures that a driver can take to avoid some of these crashes, including:

• Paying attention to a truck's blind spot - Large commercial trucks have significant blind spots to the side and behind the vehicle. This means that a driver cannot see vehicles in this area. In order to avoid collisions, a driver should stay out of this area of reduced visibility and maintain a four-car following distance when behind the truck;

  • Avoid moving up into the space next to a truck when it is turning - A tractor-trailer or other large truck needs a wide turning radius in order to accomplish a turn. Many times, this means that the truck will swing in one direction before turning in the other. It is important for passenger vehicles to avoid moving into this vacated space in order to prevent a crash when the truck moves into its turn;
  • Do not pull in front of a truck without adequate space - When a driver is completing a pass or merging into a road, it is important to leave adequate space between the car and the truck. Large trucks are not able to stop as quickly as smaller vehicles and quick maneuvers are not possible. Ensuring that a transition into the front of a truck is done in a safe manner is critical;
  • Pass trucks in a safe manner - This is especially critical if the vehicles are traveling on a two-lane road because passing time for a long truck is significantly longer than other vehicles. If the pass cannot happen when traveling at a safe and consistent speed, then the driver should wait; and
    Do not drive in a reckless or aggressive manner - Although there are times when it may be frustrating to share the road with a commercial truck, driving in a dangerous manner only will lead to problems and potentially a severe crash.
    Some accidents are not preventable, but exhibiting care while sharing the road with large commercial trucks can help prevent some serious collisions.

Greenberg Stone and Urbano Works Hard for Those Injured in a Truck Crash

Avoiding a collision with a large truck often is beyond the control of the passenger vehicle. When there has been a serious crash, the South Florida truck accident law firm of Greenberg Stone and Urbano has more than 30 years of experience in getting the right outcome for our clients. In recognition of our dedication to our clients, the firm has received a peer-awarded AV rating from Martindale Hubbell. We also were voted one of South Florida's top-rated firms by the Miami Herald. Call us at (888) 499-9700 or (305) 595-2400 or visit our website to schedule an initial appointment so that we can discuss what happened to you.

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