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Tips to Keep South Florida Teen Drivers Safe This School Year

With the school year now underway, many new teen drivers are hitting the roadways and commuting from home to school. Newly licensed drivers may now be driving by themselves and could possibly carry friends or younger siblings to and from school. It is important that the parents of teen driers take some steps to help ensure their children will not be involved in accidents this school year.

While the number of teen fatalities is on the decline, teen drivers remain more at risk than any other age group. Teen drivers are injured or killed in thousands of accidents across the country, many resulting from inexperience, drinking, distraction, speeding, and other negligent behaviors. Our car accident lawyers in Miami would like to provide some steps parents can take to prevent their teen drivers from being injured in an accident:

  1. Ban teen passengers: Studies have shown that allowing your teen to drive with other teenagers in the vehicle creates serious distraction and can lead to accidents. Parents should prevent or severely limit their children from driving with fellow young passengers. Slowly introduce this privilege when you are sure your child can handle the responsibility.
  2. Ride with your teen: Instead of letting teens have young passengers, ride with your teen whenever possible. This will allow you the opportunity to evaluate their driving and give positive criticism or praise right decisions.
  3. Create a contract with your teen: Consider creating an agreement between you and your teen that pledges their commitment to being a safe driver. You can include setting out rules, such as always wearing their seatbelt, not driving after a certain time, passenger limitations, and more. You can set out penalties that will be enforced in the event your child breaks a rule in the contract. The National Safety Council offers one example contract here or you can make your own.
  4. Exemplify safe driving: You will serve as the most important driving role model for your child. As such, it is imperative that you exemplify good behaviors for your child, including always wearing your seatbelt, obeying the speed limit, driving calmly, and following traffic signals. Your child will pick up on these skills and mimic them when they set off on their own.
  5. Instill school zone safety in your teen: If your teen will be driving to school on their own, be sure to instruct them as to important school zone safety issues. Be sure your teen knows to slow down in a school zone and follows procedure for arrival, departure, and parking. Be sure your teen drives distraction free and is always on the lookout for younger children that could suddenly cross the street.

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