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Truck Drivers Often Travel Faster Than Their Tires Can Handle

A new concern has emerged about the speed at which tractor trailer drivers often travel, which may be in excess of the speed limits recommended by tire manufacturers. Many drivers of large commercial trucks drive faster than 75 miles per hour; however, most tires are rated to travel at a maximum of 75 miles per hour. The practice of exceeding tire manufacturer recommendations has been linked to blow outs and accidents.

Our truck accident lawyers in Miami find nearly all truck tires are built for a maximum sustained speed of 75 miles per hour, which arouse in the middle of the last decade when the vast majority of United States streets had speed limits of between 65 and 70 miles per hour. Now, however, at least 14 states, mainly west of the Mississippi River and including parts of Florida, now have speed limits of 75, 80, and even 85 miles per hour. These speed limits were mainly set by states without the input of tire manufacturers.

Now, safety and tire experts are cautioning truck drivers and the public that habitually driving at higher rates of speed than a tire is made for can damage the rubber, leading to catastrophic results. Regulators have been informed of at least seven blowouts that caused serious damages.

Tire Blowouts Can Cause Serious Accidents

Blowouts may occur when a tire deflates rapidly. Tractor trailers are equipped with as many as 18 tires or at times even more, which creates the increased possibility of a blowout. Blowouts can be caused by any number of factors, but excessive speed is a recognized factor. To reduce the risk of blowouts, truck owners and trucking companies must properly maintain, inspect, and inflate all truck tires. This is especially important for trucks that haul considerable weight, as the weight of heavy cargo can speed up the rate of damage to tires. It is essential that all truck drivers know what speed their tires were rated for so that they can comply with speed recommendations and avoid a speed related blowout.

Truck drivers must also be trained on what to do in the event of a blowout. When a truck tire blowouts, the truck may careen towards the side of the blowout. Drivers may react by jerking the wheel in the other direction or pumping the brakes. Both of these steps can actually cause accidents, creating the potential for a rollover or other collision. Properly trained truckers will know how to act in the event of a blowout to protect the lives of those around them.

If you are injured in a truck accident, consult with a licensed truck accident attorney as soon as possible. Your truck accident attorney will investigate the accident and uncover whether a tire or negligence issue was the cause.

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