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Miami Truck Accident Lawyers Caution Drivers: Keep Your Distance Behind Big Rigs

To prevent a serious trucking accident, our Miami truck accident lawyers find that it is critical for car drivers maintain a safe following distance behind commercial trucks. Severe accidents can result when your car hits the rear end of a tractor trailer. Studies have emerged in recent years showing that most commercial trucks are equipped with bumpers of insufficient strength to stop a car from traveling underneath the truck. Further, a truck's bumpers will not always align with your car, allowing your vehicle to drive under the truck in the event of a crash.

Underride Guards Often Fail in Crashes

An underride accident occurs when a truck stops short and a car traveling behind cannot stop in time. The car will continue traveling underneath the commercial truck and can be torn apart in the process. Commercial trucks are equipped with rear guards that are intended to reduce underride deaths by preventing cars from traveling far underneath the truck. However, new crash tests by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety demonstrate that truck underride guards are failing to protect car occupants.

The Insurance Institute reviewed data that shows over 400 people die each year when their vehicles strike the backs of large trucks. Another 5,000 are injured. The Institute then conducted its own crash tests, finding that United States rear guards failed to protect crash test dummies from serious injuries, including decapitation. The guards failed at alarmingly low speeds, including just 35 miles per hour. Canadian approved rear guards faired far better in crash tests. These guards were about 75 percent stronger than guards accepted in our country.

Leave 20-25 Car Lengths Between Yourself and the Commercial Truck

Commercial trucks are massive vehicles that block the view of cars behind and require considerable time to come to a complete stop. Drivers traveling close behind a tractor trailer are at serious risk of an underride accident. To stay safe while driving behind a truck, it is recommended that you leave between 20 and 25 car lengths between your vehicle and the commercial truck. This large following distance will allow you and the truck to have the space you need to safely stop in the event of a traffic slowdown or emergency. It will also allow you to see ahead of the truck and be able to timely react to any changes in driving conditions. Always err on the side of caution when traveling behind trucks and keep your distance to avoid injury.

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