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Selfie-Related Accidents Claim More Lives than Shark Attacks

Statistics show that "selfie-related" accidents have killed twice as many people around the world as unprovoked shark attacks. The Conde Nast Traveler reported in September that at least 11 people have died in selfie-related accidents, while only eight died in shark attacks. This tally has recently increased after a tourist died trying to snap a selfie at the Taj Mahal, falling fatally down a long flight of stairs.

A selfie is a self-photograph, generally taken with a cell phone camera by either holding it by hand or using a selfie stick. The selfie phenomenon has taken off in recent years and while it is generally harmless, it can be dangerous when individuals attempt to take selfies in unsafe places or while driving. The South Florida car accident attorneys at Greenberg, Stone, and Urbano are saddened to hear of these preventable deaths and hope that with increased education as to the potential dangers of taking photographs in certain situations, these accidents will decrease.

At least four selfie deaths were caused by falling this year, while several others occurred after selfie takers were hit or injured by trains. Recently, a driver in Maine attempted to take a selfie while driving and caused a serious accident. The 29 year old driver had seven other people in the vehicle. He leaned in to take a group selfie and his vehicle ran off the road, straight into a tree. Four individuals were injured in the crash, though fortunately all survived.

Selfies Part of a Large Problem of Distraction

Selfies are just one form of distraction that threatens the safety of drivers, pedestrians, tourists, and many more. Distracted driving is a leading cause of car and pedestrian accidents. Drivers who text, email, engage in social media, and use their camera to videotape or take selfies can cause deadly accidents. These drivers pull their attention, eyes, and hands off the road for a significant amount of time, causing drivers to lose control of their vehicles or fail to recognize hazards in time to avoid them.

Selfies are not just dangerous for drivers, as this recent Conde Nast Traveler report points out. Tourists who attempt to take daredevil type selfies place themselves in serious risk of harm. Pedestrians distracted by taking selfies can walk into traffic, fall down stairs, and otherwise seriously injure or kill themselves.

All drivers and pedestrians are cautioned to pay attention to the road ahead and put away all potential distractions. Tourists are cautioned to recognize that no picture is worth placing one's self in danger. Anyone walking on stairs or near stairs, crossing roads, near trains, and more should not be looking at their phone. There is a time and place for selfies and other cell phone features, and that should never include driving or walking. Consult with a personal injury attorney as soon as possible if you are injured in any sort of accident that may involve negligence.

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