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Gearing Up for an Insurance Dispute

Many homeowners faithfully pay their premiums on time for years, expecting that in the event their home is damaged, they will receive the funds they need to repair it. Some, however, have the unfortunate experience of receiving a denial of their claim or funds equating to far less than what they need to repair the damage. These homeowners will need to prepare for a dispute with the insurance company. By appealing the denial of their claim or taking further action, homeowners can still receive the funds they are rightfully entitled to.

At Greenberg, Stone & Urbano, our South Florida homeowners' insurance lawyers understand that insurance disputes arise on a daily basis when clients submit a claim that should be valid, but the insurance company nonetheless denies it. Insurance companies are for profit businesses that benefit from denying claims, even if they are legitimate. Some insurance companies are notorious for denying claims that come in the first time around. Our firm assists homeowners in preparing for a dispute with the insurance company. With our help, homeowners can prevail in their previously denied action.

Why Was My Insurance Claim Denied?

In gearing up for a dispute with your insurance company, you must first understand why the insurance company denied your claim. Insurance companies will often deny valid claims through misinterpretation or manipulation of the language of the policy. It is important that you understand the insurance companies given reason for denying your policy so that you can assess the validity of your dispute. Some common reasons for denial include:

  • The damage is excluded per the policy;
  • You failed to pay premiums on time, causing a lapse in coverage;
  • Mistakes or omissions in the policy render it invalid;
  • The damage exceeds policy limits;

It is often difficult to understand precisely why your claim has been denied or minimized. You can call your insurance agent and ask for clarification or you can seek the help of a homeowners' insurance attorney.

Gather Evidence

One of the things you will need to do in preparing for a dispute with the insurance company is gather the evidence necessary to substantiate your claim. Pictures can prove essential in substantiating your claim. If your insurance company is claiming the damage to your home is not included due to a certain exclusion, photographs may provide the evidence you need to disprove this claim. For instance, the insurance company may attempt to say your water damage claim stemming from a leaky pipe is not covered because you failed to remedy the damage. If you come armed with time stamp pictures showing the leaking pipe and steps you took to stop the damage, as well as records of you notifying the insurer, this will go a long way towards disputing your denial. Your homeowners' insurance attorney will walk you through the entire dispute process towards a full recovery.

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