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Fatal Truck Accident Thought to be the Cause of Second Tractor Trailer Accident on Texas Highway

Like Florida, Texas sees its fair share of trucking accidents that seem to occur on a regular basis. One recent truck accident may have been the root cause of a subsequent tractor trailer accident, both occurring on Interstate 35 in Kyle, Texas. The first accident resulted in the death of a young pickup truck driver who was essentially sandwiched in between two large tractor trailers. When one tractor trailer collided with the pickup truck near a construction zone, the pickup truck then struck an 18-wheeler directly in front. The pickup truck then caught fire, and only two passengers of the pickup truck survived. The driver was pronounced dead at the scene.

A second trucking accident occurred only two hours after the first accident, involving four tractor trailers and one pickup truck. While nobody lost their life in this accident, the driver of the pickup truck, an off-duty officer, was injured and transported to a local hospital. Investigators believe that the second accident was caused by the backup that resulted from the first accident. Both accidents occurred in a construction zone where lanes were reduced and vehicles were in close proximity to one another.

Our tractor trailer accident attorneys have handled a wide array of trucking accident cases that always present unique facts, as no two accidents are the same. Our attorneys thoroughly evaluate each and every case, providing honest advice and legal representation to injured clients and their loved ones. We understand that one accident could lead to a second accident, even if the two accidents are otherwise unrelated. It is our job to help clients determine the cause of an accident and whether or not the accident resulted in injuries or death that someone else is responsible for.

Both of these accidents demonstrate just how powerful tractor trailers can be. A pickup truck is by no means a small vehicle, but it is certainly outmatched by the sheer force of two tractor trailers. Additionally, the off-duty police officer is lucky to be alive, as the accident he suffered injuries from involved a total of four tractor trailers. Perhaps this second accident may not have occurred but for the first accident not occurred; however, it is also possible that this second trucking accident may have occurred despite the first accident. Any questions regarding the cause of an accident and whether or not injuries are a direct result of an accident should be directed to a qualified legal professional.

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Sometimes accidents can lead to a domino effect - one accident leading to another. While it is not every day that a fatal accident is thought to be the cause of an unrelated trucking accident, it does happen from time to time. When it does, anyone injured should consider speaking with a South Florida Trucking Accident Attorney. While you may not be sure whether or not you have a valid legal claim, it is still important to at least know the facts, and determine if someone else may be responsible for what has happened to you. At Greenberg, Stone & Urbano, we have more than 130 years of combined professional experience assisting injured individuals and their families from all across South Florida. We have received an AV rating from Martindale Hubbell, and have been named a top South Florida Law Firm by the Miami Herald. If you would like to discuss your situation with one of our Miami Trucking Accident Attorneys, contact Greenberg, Stone & Urbano today by calling (888) 499-9700 or (305) 595-2400 to schedule your free consultation. You may also contact us online by visiting our website.

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