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Florida Mother Seeks to Have More Lifeguards on Cruise Ships After Son Nearly Drowns

Cruise ship swimming pool accidents and drownings have been surfacing in the news lately. The issue has already been raised that needless swimming pool deaths are occurring because of the lack of supervision available at these cruise ship pools. A Florida mother has finally spoken out and has asked cruise ships to hire lifeguards to monitor cruise ship swimming pools, especially for the safety of children.

At Greenberg, Stone & Urbano, we are very familiar with swimming pool accidents that occur on cruise ships. You may have read another recent blog of ours that discusses the significance of swimming pool accidents and deaths that are occurring all too often. This mother's story is yet another reason why it may be time for cruise ships to start making changes to ensure cruise ship swimming pools are safer.

This Florida mother nearly lost her 4-year-old son when he drifted away from a toddler pool on a cruise ship. Nobody noticed that the young boy was underwater for a long period of time, even nearby passengers. By the time the boy's parents noticed he was underwater, he was already unconscious. He was underwater for five minutes and did not have a pulse. The parents report that passengers performed CPR to revive their son and not crew members.

At this time, only Royal Caribbean has lifeguards on duty at its cruise ship swimming pools. Other cruise ships believe passengers should swim at their own risk, but this is a tall order for passengers and their children who are on a cruise ship for vacation, and not on duty to act in an emergency situation. While it may not be required that cruise ships provide lifeguards, doing so would certainly cut down on the serious injuries and deaths that occur on cruise ships in and around swimming pools.

The cost of hiring lifeguards is really not substantial considering the amount of revenue these cruise ships generate. Perhaps this mother's plea to the cruise ship industry will result in safer cruise ships that reduce the risk of injury or death that result from swimming pool accidents and drownings. Having lifeguards on duty to monitor cruise ship swimming pools is just one piece of the puzzle. More needs to be done, but the presence of lifeguards is certainly a step in the right direction. We can only hope it will not take the injury or death of another person for the cruise ship industry to make necessary changes.

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Source: http://www.local10.com/news/local-10-investigates/mother-wants-lifeguards-on-cruise-ships-after-son-nearly-drowns

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