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Five Crew Members Are Missing After Amazon River Cruise Ship Accident

The Amazon River has already encountered cruise ship accidents this year, but a recent accident onboard the Aqua Amazon cruise ship is proving to be more tragic. For reasons unknown at this time, an explosion occurred on the cruise ship, and a fire broke out. The fire caused the boat to sink and left many crew members injured, and a few of these crew members have lost their lives. 

At this time, there are five crew members still missing from the ship. The number of missing crew members was originally seven, but two bodies were later recovered. A total of eight crew members have been hospitalized, and while five of these crew members are stable and receiving necessary medical attention, three of these crew members are being treated in the intensive care unit.

The timing of this cruise ship could have been worse had passengers been onboard the Aqua Amazon at the time the fire broke out. While it is horrific that these crew members suffered the consequences of a cruise ship fire, hundreds if not thousands of others could have been injured or killed if the ship was currently holding passengers.

The Consequences of Cruise Ship Fires

Cruise ship fires have occurred all too frequently and have been the cause of numerous injuries and deaths. While some crew members are lucky to be alive following the Aqua Amazon cruise accident, these individuals may have permanent and debilitating injuries that may change their lives forever. Such injuries and conditions include, but are certainly not limited to, the following:

  • Burns that leave permanent scarring, which often require surgery with the use of skin grafts;
  • Broken/fractured bones;
  • Soft tissue damage from shrapnel;
  • Punctured internal organs from shrapnel;
  • Limb injuries requiring amputation;
  • Orthopedic injuries that may result in partial or complete paralysis (such as spinal cord damage);
  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) such as concussions and other head injuries that could lead to permanent brain damage; and
  • Near drownings that may result in permanent brain damage.

Any one of the injuries listed above can be life-threatening, proving that fire-related cruise ship accidents can be some of the worst we see, and unfortunately, cruise ship accidents involving fire continue to be a problem throughout the cruise ship industry.

Whether the Aqua Amazon cruise fire was caused by an engine malfunction, electrical malfunction, or otherwise, the fact remains that innocent crew members have been severely injured and lost their lives. We can only hope that cruise ships take all safety measures to ensure their crew members and passengers are as safe as possible going forward.

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