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Miami Homeowners Insurance Attorneys Counsel Florida Residents On Filing A Flood Claim With FEMA

As homeowners insurance claims attorneys, we work closely with our clients to make sure that they receive compensation for their claims. We prepared for the worst when Hurricane Matthew slammed into the east coast of Florida. All things being equal, things turned out alright in Florida. Still, the Federal Emergency Management Agency ("FEMA") considers many counties in Florida disaster areas from the damage caused by Hurricane Matthew. FEMA helps protect residents against the damages caused by natural disasters. FEMA also works hard to make sure that you are compensated for your loss. However, we can help you if your insurance company refused to pay your claim from Hurricane Matthew, or any other natural disaster.

FEMA can help with flood claims from rising tides and rain waters. At the outset, FEMA suggests obtaining coverage against flood damages. Your insurance carrier will not provide flood coverage caused by a natural disaster without first paying a premium for the coverage. FEMA suggests immediately contacting your insurance agent or company to report the damage and file a claim. Homeowners should have their flood insurance policy handy, the correct property address, and updated contact information when calling.

Once you have contacted your insurance company, then you should contact FEMA. FEMA has a website dedicated to filing disaster claims or you can contact them via telephone. FEMA counsels anyone who suffered a loss in a catastrophe to communicate with them for assistance. They might be able to help even if you do not have flood insurance.

Once you have filed your claim, FEMA will dispatch individuals to your property to review the damage and offer you assistance. An insurance adjuster will come out to view the damage to your property. This may be one or multiple trips. The timing of the adjuster's visit will depend on how widespread the damage is in your community. A FEMA housing specialist may visit you to inspect your property if you apply for individual assistance from FEMA. In conjunction, a local housing expert from the board of health or another local public health organization will inspect your home to determine whether your home is a safe place for you to live. Additional visitors may come to your residence as well. FEMA works with local community providers to make sure you have food and shelter.

FEMA is looking out for you. They are aware that scam artists take advantage of human frailty and vulnerability. FEMA suggests that you seek proper identification from each person claiming to be an adjuster or inspector. You should also be aware that adjusters and inspectors have different responsibilities. An adjuster is responsible for determining whether your homeowner's insurance policy covers your claim and then makes an estimate for repair. The adjuster may declare your property a total loss. The adjuster would determine the replacement value of your home. An inspector, conversely, is a quasi-law enforcement officer who decides whether your home is safe for you to live in based on structural integrity and sanitation.

FEMA also provides disaster assistance irrespective of your insurance coverage. FEMA asks you to complete an application on their website. FEMA requires that you supply information such as your social security number and provides assistance for you to get a social security number or replace your card if lost. FEMA asks you provide as much information as you have relating to your insurance coverage and to describe the damage.

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