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April 2017 Archives

Los abogados de lesiones personales de la Florida analizan la 3ª Decisión de la DCA que revierte el juicio sumario contra el comprador que se cayó al tomar un atajo

Nuestros abogados de lesiones personales en la Florida frecuentemente representan a los compradores que se resbalan y se caen cuando visitan los centros comerciales, los supermercados, los restaurantes y otros negocios o propiedades comerciales abiertas al público. Los propietarios y las partes que poseen bienes de negocios abiertos al público tienen el deber legal de mantener a los locales en condiciones razonablemente seguras para "invitados" que incluye a los clientes, los proveedores, las personas de mantenimiento y otras personas involucradas en negocios. Este deber se acompaña de un deber de advertir a los "invitados" de peligros latentes (no obvios) que el dueño o la parte en posesión sabe o debería saber que no son abiertos y obvios. Incluso si el peligro es abierto y obvio, los tribunales de apelación de la Florida no han excusado el deber de mantener los locales en una condición razonablemente segura. El conocimiento del peligro incluye el conocimiento real o el conocimiento constructivo basado en factores que deberían haber dado aviso con el ejercicio de un cuidado razonable. Un factor importante es la duración del tiempo que el peligro ha estado presente.

Miami-Dade Homeowners Insurance Claim Attorneys Discuss Judicial Decision Finding Claim Not Barred by Notice Three Years after Hurricane-Related Damage (Part I)

Homeowners' insurance policies universally include a provision that requires an insured to provide notice of loss on a reasonably prompt basis. This notice requirement often constitutes a condition precedent to payment of a claim. Insurance carriers frequently assert "late notice" as a basis for denying a claim and as a defense in breach of contract lawsuits. Policies typically do not establish a specific deadline or time-frame within which notice must be given to a carrier by an insured. This two-part blog post provides a review of a court decision analyzing when the "prompt notice" provision in a homeowners policy is triggered. In Part I of this blog, our Miami Hurricane Damage Lawyers provide an overview of the specific facts and circumstances of the case. Part II reviews the court's analysis of when the notice provision commences based on the insured's knowledge of events or damage to the property.

Miami-Dade County Personal Injury Lawyers Discuss Trucking Accident Lawsuit Affected by Alleged Jury Misconduct

The devastating injuries frequently incurred in collisions involving a tractor-trailer often mean staggering medical bills, lifelong supportive care, significant lost wages, and diminished earning potential. The role of the jury in obtaining a full recovery can hardly be overstated, so jury misconduct is a serious issue though the vast majority of personal injury claims are settled prior to trial. In this blog, our personal injury lawyersreview a recent $3.5 million trucking accident lawsuit involving serious allegations of jury misconduct. When jurors engage in improper conduct, both sides of a lawsuit might face significant repercussions that might even include the judge ordering a new trial. 

Miami Cruise Injury Lawyers Discuss Liability of Cruise Line for Failing to Take Reasonable Steps to Protect Intoxicated Passengers

Passengers enjoy cruises for many reasons that include a variety of live entertainment, recreational activities, exciting shore excursions, an abundance of good food, and lots of alcohol. While alcohol consumption might be a featured part of any cruise for many travelers, intoxication increases a passenger's vulnerability to hazards. If you or a loved one is injured after selecting this form of travel, the cruise line will certainly raise alcohol use by a passenger as the cause of many accidents. What cruise injury victims should keep in mind is that alcohol sales constitute one of the most lucrative sources of profit for cruise lines. Our cruise accident lawyers know from experience that cruise lines often push alcohol sales at the expense of passenger safety. 

Miami Semi-Truck Accident Lawyers Discuss Case Revealing Spoliation of Evidence Practices in Trucking Litigation

Our trucking accident lawyers acknowledge that the trucking industry serves an indispensable, logistics role that is essential to the U.S. economy. Despite this important function, these massive vehicles exact a devastating toll when negligent commercial drivers and indifferent trucking companies fail to exercise reasonable care for the safety of other vehicle occupants, motorcyclists, bicyclists, and pedestrians. Whether a trucking accident occurs because a driver is not adequately trained, screened, or supervised or a trucking company fails to perform appropriate vehicle maintenance, tractor-trailer accident victims face special obstacles when seeking financial compensation. Trucking companies anticipate the prospect of litigation arising out of collisions involving their drivers and big-rigs, and they are prepared to protect their interests. Litigation of claims against commercial carriers can be complicated by the practice of spoliation of evidence.

Los abogados de lesiones personales de la Florida mirando la respuesta de Johnson & Johnson al veredicto de $65 millones del polvo de bebes

Los estudios han estado alrededor por décadas que divulgan un acoplamiento entre el uso higiénico femenino de los productos del polvo del talco y un riesgo creciente del cáncer ovárico. Las preocupaciones sobre el efecto cancerígeno de los productos a base de talco como Johnson & Johnson Polvo de Bebe y Ducha para Ducha culminaron recientemente en un veredicto de $65 millones de dólares contra el fabricante. Bloomberg informó que el veredicto masivo representa la tercera derrota consecutiva en una ola de demandas por la responsabilidad por productos contra el gigante farmacéutico. En esta entrada del blog, nuestros abogados de responsabilidad de productos de la ciudad de Miami analizan el resultado y la importancia de estos juicios grandes contra Johnson & Johnson (J & J).

Florida Homeowners Insurance Lawyers Explain Why Legitimate Insurance Claims Disputes Often Turn on Technical Non-Compliance Rather Than the Substantive Merits of the Claim

While many homeowners pursue insurance claims for damage to their home without an experienced Miami homeowners insurance claims attorney, the technical requirements of pursuing legal remedies can make this a costly decision. Florida insurance law involves many hypertechnical procedural and administrative requirements that can derail a valid claim. These procedural hurdles frequently are compounded by technical minutia inserted into insurance policies that homeowners do not notice as their eyes glaze over while reading page after page of complex legal terminology. These complicated procedural requirements might even be subject to strict timing requirements.

Los abogados de lesiones personales de la Florida analizan la responsabilidad de un bar por lesiones incurridas por los clientes

Muchas personas han estado involucradas en peleas de bar que causan lesiones graves. La parte que sufre las lesiones a menudo no causa el altercado físico o incluso podría ser un espectador inocente. El propietario de la barra y la propiedad pueden ser responsables ante una persona lesionada debido a condiciones inseguras en los locales. Los dueños de un bar o la propiedad comercial donde se encuentra un bar tienen el deber legal de tomar el cuidado razonable para evitar que los clientes sean heridos en una pelea o para advertir del potencial de lesiones relacionadas con la pelea. En este blog, nuestros abogados de lesiones personales de la ciudad de Miami discuten las reclamaciones de seguridad negligente en el contexto de una decisión judicial que involucra a una mujer lesionada en una caída durante una pelea de bar.

Miami Personal Injury Attorneys Review Case Analyzing Vicarious Liability of Estate of Vehicle Owner for Daughter's Accident

Our personal injury attorneys in Miami are very familiar with the challenge of proving negligence in a lawsuit can be complicated, but the doctrine of vicarious liability can ease this process considerably. In this context, vicarious liability refers to situations where the negligence of an individual is attributed to a third-party who was not driving a vehicle involved in the accident, such as an employer or minor's parent. Many car accidents involve at-fault drivers who lack insurance or assets to pay a judgment or settlement. When situations like this arise, proof of liability of a third-party based on the theory of vicarious liability can mean the difference between being fully compensated for all injuries and needing to pay hospital bills, vehicle repair costs, and other damages out of pocket. Although vicarious liability constitutes a valuable litigation strategy for many Miami car accident victims, the specific facts of a collision can make the task of proving that a third-party should be vicariously liable extremely difficult. 

Miami Homeowners Insurance Lawyers Analyze 2nd DCA Decision Finding Damage Caused by 195,000 Gallons of Water Leaking from Upstairs Could Quality as "Seepage"

The language in a homeowners insurance policy can often be difficult to interpret especially in the context of other provisions of the policy. Ambiguity in a policy generally will be construed to provide coverage when the language is susceptible to conflicting interpretations authorizing and negating coverage. However, our Miami homeowners' insurance claims attorneys understand this rule must be understood in light of the distinction between latent and patent ambiguity. Patent ambiguity refers to provisions or terms that are conflicting or unclear language within the four corners of the policy. Because the insurance company drafts the policy, such ambiguities will be construed against the insurance company. Latent ambiguities involve situations where the policy is clear on its face, but unanticipated facts emerge that render the policy unclear under the circumstances.

Miami Cruise Accident Lawyers Analyze Lessons of Recent Decision Regarding Liability of Cruise Line for Shore Excursions

When passengers book and embark on a cruise vacation, the cruise line and ship personnel will promote a multitude of potential shore excursions. Activities like extreme sports, climbing waterfalls, and zip lining can involve a significant risk of harm. Our cruise ship injury lawyers find that although injuries experienced during a tour or recreational activity on land do not occur on the ship, the cruise line might be liable when it promotes or coordinates the excursion. A recent court decision involving a lawsuit against Royal Caribbean provides a primer on the legal complexities involved in proving liability of a cruise line for injuries during a shore excursion. 

Why an Experienced Miami Trucking Accident Lawyer Might Be Necessary to Protect You from Unfair and Improper Litigation Tactics

Although vehicle occupants injured in trucking accidents have the right to pursue a lawsuit in Florida without legal representation, the decision to do so will virtually guarantee disastrous results. Commercial carriers and their insurance companies expect that truck drivers will be involved in accidents, so trucking companies anticipate litigation. Commercial carriers have rapid response investigation teams, a network of accident reconstruction experts, and extensive litigation resources all focused on denying or limiting the recovery for the injuries and fatalities caused by careless truck drivers and unsafe tractor-trailers.

Miami Trucking Accident Attorneys Analyze Florida 4th DCA Decision Ordering New Trial on Issue of Comparative Fault

Miami tractor-trailer injury attorneys recognize that a "minor trucking accident" is a fiction. When a collision occurs between vehicles that are 25 times different in weight, the smaller vehicle does not tend to hold up well under the force of the impact. While tractor-trailer accidents often result in catastrophic injury or wrongful death, the individual who suffers life-altering injury or wrongful death is almost exclusively an occupant of the other vehicle. In fatal collisions between passenger vehicles and large trucks, the party who dies is an occupant of the passenger vehicle 97 percent of the time. Given the high stakes in personal safety and loss of life associated with collisions involving large trucks, allegations that a plaintiff's conduct contributed to his own injuries can have a devastating impact. In this blog post, our Miami tractor-trailer accident lawyers review a recent court case where a new trial was ordered so that a jury could evaluate the issue of the plaintiff's fault.

Los abogados de lesiones de cruceros de la ciudad de Miami le advierten que las restricciones de viaje del Presidente Trump plantean un nuevo desafío para las víctimas de lesiones en cruceros

Nuestros abogados de lesiones de cruceros de la ciudad de Miami reconocen que los pasajeros lesionados en un crucero se enfrentan a problemas complejos al perseguir una reclamación por lesiones personales. Las cuestiones van desde donde presentar su demanda a navegar los términos especiales y las condiciones enterradas en su contrato de boleto de crucero. Si usted es como muchos pasajeros de cruceros, es posible que no se haya dado cuenta de la letanía de la jerga legal impresa en la parte posterior de su boleto. Los pasajeros que logran leer todo el lenguaje intencionalmente difícil de entender podrían tener un conocimiento limitado de la importancia y relevancia de las disposiciones de este acuerdo. Gran parte del lenguaje denso en este contrato de boleto está diseñado para limitar sus derechos legales y remedios.

Miami Personal Injury Lawyers Find Gas Station Owner Can Be Liable for Injuries on Service Station Premises

Liability of a property or business owner operating an enterprise on commercial premises can be liable for product suppliers and customers. The duty owed for injuries to a customer or party engaged in a commercial relationship on the premises of a business owner is contingent on the relationship between the parties, the nature of the hazard, and the actual or constructive knowledge of the owner. In this blog post, our Miami personal injury lawyers review an appellate court decision addressing the liability of a gas station owner to the driver of a tanker run down while resupplying fuel to the service station. 

Miami Homeowners Insurance Attorneys Review Court Decision Finding That Lack of Full Compliance with Post-Loss Conditions Precludes Order Compelling Appraisal

Our Miami homeowners insurance claims attorneys recognize the critical importance of a homeowners insurance policy after a serious loss caused by perils like a severe windstorm, fire, or another covered peril. While a homeowners policy provides vital financial protection against a potentially devastating loss, insurance companies deny many legitimate insurance claims. This tendency of insurers to search for defensible reasons to refuse to pay a claim makes it imperative that homeowners carefully read and understand their policy. Every homeowner policy imposes certain duties on the insured to undertake post-loss actions. Failure to comply with these conditions can result in the insurance company having a valid basis to refuse to pay a claim.

Miami Cruise Line Injury Attorneys Review Decision Denying Attempt to Relegate Injured Crew Member to Remedy of Arbitration in Foreign Country under Foreign Law

While this blog tends to focus on cruise injury claims involving passengers, seamen employees also can pursue personal injury claims while working aboard a cruise ship. While the language of the passenger ticket contract is used to curtail the rights of guests and tip the scales of justice toward the cruise company, certain provisions in crew member employment contracts achieve the same objective toward seamen on cruise ships. In this blog, our experienced cruise ship injury lawyers analyze a recent court decision that addresses the right of crew members on cruise lines to seek remedies in the U.S. Federal Court System despite a conflicting arbitration clause in the crew member's employment contract. 

Miami Tractor-Trailer Injury Lawyers Review Case Examining When a Trucking Company Can Avoid Liability for a Fatal Pedestrian Accident

Many people are familiar with the popular myth that the pedestrian always has the right of way. Although the vulnerability of pedestrians makes it important that drivers of all types of motor vehicles exercise caution when pedestrians are present, there are circumstances where a driver will not be liable for a fatal pedestrian accident. If the truck driver was operating his big-rig lawfully, the trucking company and the commercial driver might avoid liability if he has taken all reasonable actions to avoid the pedestrian accident. In this blog, our Miami tractor-trailer accident attorneys analyze a recent decision by the Florida 2nd DCA that provides an example of the type of evidence a court will consider when determining whether the driver of a large truck is liable for the death of a pedestrian.

Los abogados de reclamaciones de seguros de propietarios de viviendas de la ciudad de la Miami discuten los servicios de remediación de las pérdidas de agua de emergencia: La asignación de derechos de reclamos después de la pérdida [Parte I]

Cuando una tubería reventada daña su sala o un calentador de agua defectuoso, el tiempo es esencial para mitigar el daño. Si no se elimina correctamente el agua puede causar daños estructurales a largo plazo, los riesgos de moho y otros problemas. Sin embargo, los esfuerzos de remediación de daños causados por el agua pueden empeorar el problema si los profesionales calificados no realizan estas medidas.

Florida Homeowner's Insurance Claim Attorneys Discuss Impact of Misrepresentations or Omissions in Insurance Applications

When Florida property owners experience a loss in the form of damage to their home, they often are shocked when their insurer handles the claim in less than an expeditious manner. While the purpose of insurance is to cover unexpected losses, the insurance industry maximizes its profits by finding ways to avoid paying valid claims. When homeowners file a property damage claim, insurance companies frequently look for justifications to deny coverage. As an insurer investigates a claim, the process often begins with scrutiny of the insurance application. In this blog, our Florida homeowners insurance claim attorneys explain how questions that are answered incorrectly may lead to a denial based on claims of misrepresentation or non-disclosure.

Our Cruise Line Injury Lawyers Observe Special Challenges in Trip and Fall Accident Lawsuits for Passengers

Our Miami Cruise Ship Injury Attorneys often find that people who are injured in falls because they trip and fall, the task of proving liability can be difficult because of the difficulty in proving the cause of the fall. Most slip and fall and trip and fall personal injury claims require a careful investigation of the facts and circumstances because lawsuits based on this type of fall accident tend to be fact intensive. When the fall occurs on a cruise ship because of a spilled beverage that is not cleaned up, the motion of the sea, or a bunched up carpet, these complications are exacerbated by special challenges in pursuing personal injury claims that occur on the high seas. A lawsuit recently filed in Miami involving a trip and fall lawsuit filed against Carnival Corp. alleges the cruise company's negligence caused the fall acciden 

Los abogados de lesiones personales de la Florida resaltan los desafíos especiales que enfrentan las víctimas de resbalones y caídas

Las caídas en los supermercados, los restaurantes, los centros comerciales y otros tipos de negocios pueden tener un impacto devastador en las víctimas. Los clientes que compran en un supermercado probablemente asumen que recibirán una compensación si caen y sufren lesiones. Sin embargo, los litigios de accidentes de resbalones y caídas en la Florida plantean desafíos especiales que hacen que sea importante buscar la representación legal de un abogado de lesiones personales con experiencia en la ciudad de Miami. En este artículo, nuestros abogados revisan un caso reciente que demuestra los obstáculos especiales para demostrar la responsabilidad en un negocio de la Florida.