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July 2017 Archives

Liability for Breach of Insurance Contract Not Necessary For Bad Faith Actions to Move Forward, Cammarata v. State Farm Florida Insurance Company, 152 So.3d 606 (2014).

Insurance companies in Florida have a duty under state law to try to settle insurance claims in good faith, which encourages such companies to act honestly towards its insured parties. When they fail to do so, insured homeowners are permitted to bring separate civil actions for bad faith against the insurance company once the questions of liability and damages have been determined. This principle is illustrated in the case below.

Los abogados de lesiones de cruceros en la ciudad de Miami discutirán la nueva legislación diseñada para reducir el riesgo de ahogamiento involucrando a los pasajeros que se caigan por la borda

El ahogamiento de un pasajero que se cayó del crucero Carnival Liberty el mes pasado sirve como un recordatorio de que las medidas de seguridad mejoradas son necesarias para evitar la trágica muerte de aquellos que caen por la borda. El pasajero desapareció de la novena cubierta de un barco en las Bahamas de acuerdo con la Guardia Costera. Si bien puede ser reconfortante asumir que este tipo de incidentes casi nunca ocurre, aproximadamente 290 personas se han caído por la borda desde el año 2000 informa experto de crucero Ross Klein. Muchos de estos incidentes podrían ser prevenidos con el ejercicio de la debida atención por la línea de cruceros y el personal del barco. En este blog, nuestros abogados de lesiones de cruceros en la ciudad de Miami revisan la nueva legislación diseñada para mejorar la seguridad de los cruceros y mitigar el riesgo de que los pasajeros se ahoguen tras caerse accidentalmente de un crucero.

Property Damage Insurance Attorneys Highlight Innovative Legal Strategy by Insurance Company to Discourage Claims

This blog has analyzed issues involving the denial of property damage claims based on a multitude of bad faith practices by insurance companies. A bad faith claim against an insurance carrier involves seeking extra-contractual damages for the insurer's failure to exercise good faith in executing its obligations under an insurance policy. Common examples of acts of bad faith by an insurance company that our Miami property damage insurance attorneys have seen include denying a claim without investigating, refusing to provide a relevant policy provision to justify a denial, or intentionally low-balling the settlement of a claim.

Miami Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Review Florida Appellate Court Decision Involving Comparative Negligence

Although many motorcycle accidents in Miami and the surrounding areas of Florida are caused by an inconsiderate, inattentive, or careless driver of a car, pickup, or SUV, the driver of the other vehicle often will claim the rider was negligent. Some injured motorcyclists assume they cannot pursue a personal injury claim because they were violating a traffic law or otherwise driving in an unsafe manner. Florida negligence law allows a plaintiff to recover in a personal injury or wrongful death action even if the injured party is partially at fault for causing the collision. In this blog post, our Miami motorcycle accident lawyersexamine a Florida appellate court decision allowing a fatally injured motorcycle accident victim to recover despite evidence he was speeding. 

Miami Cruise Injury Lawyers Review Tragic Deaths Serving as a Cautionary Tale Regarding Deficient Ship Safety Standards & Limitations of Death on the High Seas Act

Although cruises are inherently exciting because of the almost unlimited choices of entertainment, excursions, and recreational activities, an international cruise on the Amazon offers a unique experience. While this type of adventure also could pose potential dangers, most cruise passengers presume their cruise line complies with or exceeds industry safety standards. This assumption is inaccurate in some cases. Although a fatally injured passenger might have a right to pursue a lawsuit seeking damages, this can be a difficult task to the extent the Death on the High Seas Act represents the controlling law. In this blog, our cruise ship injury lawyers review a cruise ship tragedy that reveals the vulnerability of passengers. 

Los abogados de accidentes de tractores-remolque en la ciudad de Miami revisan la denegación del juicio sumario en un juicio por lesiones por colisión de camiones donde se estacionó el remolque de tractores

Aunque el análisis de los pleitos de los accidentes de tractores de remolque no es nuevo en este blog, este artículo se centra en un tractor-remolque que estaba estacionado en el momento de la colisión. El enorme tamaño y peso de las camionetas crean peligros potenciales incluso cuando los vehículos están estacionados. La longitud y la altura de un tractor-remolque causan muchos puntos ciegos para los conductores de un camión, que se denominan "no zonas". Estos vehículos oscurecen la visibilidad de otros automovilistas más significativamente que un coche de pasajeros típico o incluso un SUV grande. En esta entrada de blog, nuestros experimentados abogados de accidentes de tractor-remolque de la ciudad de Miami examinan una decisión de la Corte de Apelaciones de la Florida que involucra una colisión entre un demandante y una camioneta estacionadas.

Miami Homeowners Insurance Lawyers Demonstrate Importance of Avoiding Time Lapses in Flood Insurance Coverage

Homeowners often presume that they are covered for property damage to their home caused by flooding. This misconception can be even more harmful to homeowners because the term "flood damage" is far more expansive within the context of an insurance policy than the meaning when the term is used in everyday parlance. Water damage caused by a swimming pool located on higher ground that overflows into the entrance of a backyard might be considered flood damage. Since flood damage must be covered through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), homeowners must understand the importance of ensuring they have flood coverage. In this blog, our homeowner insurance lawyers review a decision revealing the devastating consequences of terminating or failing to obtain flood coverage.

Cruise Ship Swimming Pool Drownings Sparks Concern for the Safety of Passengers

We all take a risk by deciding to take a cruise, just as we take a risk by driving and by traveling on an airplane. There are general risks that most people are willing to take. However, there are additional risks that cruise ship passengers are exposed to that they may not be aware of. A recent investigation undertaken in Britain demonstrates that cruise ship passengers may not be as safe as they think they are.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Analyze Florida Appellate Court Decision Demonstrating Challenges of Using Dram Shop Law

Businesses like restaurants, bars, and other commercial establishments that serve alcohol to customers who subsequently cause a crash can be liable for injury to drunk driving victims. When plaintiffs suffer an injury in an accident caused by an alcohol-impaired driver, they might find suing the intoxicated driver to be a fruitless pursuit. Approximately half to two-thirds of motorists convicted of drunk driving continue to operate their vehicle even though their driver's license has been suspended. Because an unlicensed driver usually will be uninsured, many drunk drivers who cause permanent debilitating injury and wrongful death are essentially judgment proof. This simple reality makes the rights of a drunk driving victim to pursue a business that serves the motorist especially important. In this blog post, our Miami motorcycle accident lawyers examine a court decision last year in which the Florida Court of Appeals ordered a retrial after a jury awarded $11 million against a bar that served the drunk driver. 

Lifeguards Are Becoming Cruise Industry Standard in the Wake of Fatal Drownings

Although cruise lines often market their ships as vacation destinations for families, many major cruise lines have elected to operate without lifeguards for decades. In the wake of multiple drownings aboard ships operated by most of the major cruise companies, the industry is shifting toward using lifeguards to improve passenger safety. With the announcement by Royal Caribbean and Norwegian that they will be implementing a water safety program, Carnival remains the only remaining major cruise company not to use lifeguards. In this blog, our Miami cruise injury lawyers examine this announcement and trend in the wake of recent drownings and near drownings on cruise ships. 

Los abogados de propietarios de viviendas en la ciudad de Miami proporcionan los consejos para los demandantes de daños de fuego para prevenir las alegaciones de incendio provocado

Muchos propietarios de la Florida hacen pagos de primas muchos años para comprar la seguridad contra pérdidas imprevistas causadas por una amplia gama de peligros que incluyen el fuego. Si bien puede ser agravado cuando su compañía de seguros arrastra a sus pies en el ajuste y el pago de su reclamación, este agravamiento puede convertirse en shock si su compañía de seguros le acusa de un incendio provocado o un fraude de seguros. Muchos dueños de casa no están preparados para el estrés y la ansiedad de tal alegación después de soportar la pérdida de una casa de ensueño, los muebles valiosos, los artículos personales y las herencias irreemplazables. Desafortunadamente, la estrategia de amenazar acusaciones criminales o emplear a un investigador de incendio privado para abrir una investigación es una táctica común utilizada por las compañías de seguros para evitar el pago de las reclamaciones por los daños de incendios o para los titulares de pólizas fuertes en aceptar asentamientos de oferta baja. Nuestros abogados de seguros de propietarios de viviendas en la ciudad de Miami han proporcionado algunas sugerencias que un asegurado puede tomar para difundir esta estrategia.

Miami Hurricane Insurance Coverage Lawyers Review Case Revealing Complexities of Homeowners Insurance Disputes over Water Intrusion and Wind Damage in the Wake of a Hurricane

Florida has been fortunate in recent years to avoid substantial damage from hurricanes and tropical storms. However, there is no doubt that many Florida homeowners will be faced with the need to make a claim for damage to their home and personal property because of this peril in the future. While most policyholders probably assume coverage for hurricane damage is straightforward, the issue of coverage can be complicated. Homeowners policies often place significant restrictions on coverage for water intrusion including wind-blown rain. Our Miami hurricane insurance coverage lawyers understand that insurers often dispute coverage by claiming the damage was not caused by wind.

Miami Motorcycle Collision Injury Lawyers Discuss Case Demonstrating the Importance of Complex Evidentiary Rules

Many motorcycle accident victims probably realize that their ability to recover compensation during a personal injury trial will depend to a significant degree on a persuasive presentation of admissible evidence. However, the civil litigation process is comprised of a complex system of rules that dictate the types of evidence that the jury may consider. The rulings of a judge regarding the admissibility of key facts, documents, or other forms of evidence frequently determine the outcome of a trial. Sometimes an unfavorable decision can lead to a negative outcome regardless of the merits of a plaintiff's case. In this blog post, our motorcycle accident attorneys examine how two evidentiary ruling in a motorcycle accident case influenced the outcome. 

Miami Cruise Injury Lawyers Discuss New Legislation Designed to Reduce the Risk of Drowning Involving Passengers Who Fall Overboard

The drowning of a passenger who fell from the Carnival Liberty cruise ship last month serves as a reminder that improved safety measures are necessary to prevent the tragic death of those who fall overboard. The passenger disappeared from the ninth deck of a vessel in the Bahamas according to the Coast Guard. While it might be comforting to assume that this type of incident almost never occurs, approximately 290 people have fallen overboard since 2000 reports cruise expert Dr. Ross Klein. Many of these incidents could be prevented with the exercise of due care by the cruise line and ship personnel. In this blog, our cruise injury lawyers review new legislation designed to improve cruise safety and mitigate the risk of passengers drowning after accidentally falling from a cruise ship. 

Miami Tractor-Trailer Accident Attorneys Warn of Rising Number of Collisions in Florida among Elderly Truck Drivers

While warm weather and an abundance of amenities that appeal to seniors make Florida a magnet for aging Baby Boomers, the state's high number of seniors appears to have had a potentially worrisome side effect. Florida is the site of more accidents involving elderly drivers than any other state in the U.S. While this trend would be alarming regardless of the type of vehicle driven by these seniors, a recent story from CBS News suggests that elderly truck drivers might be the cause of an increased traffic safety threat. A significant shortage of truck drivers throughout the U.S. has inspired commercial carriers to undertake a new recruiting strategy of hiring older retirement aged truck drivers. In this blog, our tractor-trailer accident attorneys examine the threat to public safety suggested by the results of this new study.

El abogado de la víctima del crimen del crucero de la ciudad de Miami discute una agresión sexual violenta del pasajero que sirve como un cuento preventivo para los viajeros

Cuando los pasajeros eligen un crucero como su modo de viajar, razonablemente anticipan que la tripulación proporcionará una experiencia agradable y segura. Lo último que los clientes de cruceros esperan es que se convertirán en una víctima de un crimen violento con un perpetrador siendo un miembro del personal o del equipo contratado para hacer de la experiencia un viaje agradable. Desafortunadamente, las historias de los pasajeros que son atacados, violados o asesinados por los actos criminales del personal de cruceros aparecen con mucha frecuencia en los informes de los medios de comunicación. En esta entrada del blog, nuestros abogados de accidentes y lesiones de cruceros en la ciudad de Miami revisan un incidente que resultó en un acuerdo confidencial entre la línea de cruceros y el pasajero.

Miami-Dade Homeowners Insurance Attorneys Analyze Decision Regarding Homeowner's Claims Involving Short-Term Rental during Pending Home Sale

A common scenario that arises when people are in the process of selling their home after purchasing a new residence involves allowing another person to live in one of the homes until the old home sells. The short-term use might include short-term executive housing, a vacation rental, or interim housing for family members. Our Miami-Dade homeowners insurance attorneys recognize that the situation can get complicated and financially risky when the new home is damaged before the new owners take possession. An appellate decision out of another state raises the specter of problems associated with this scenario, especially if the people temporarily residing in the home are paying rent.

Miami Amusement Park Accident Attorneys Discuss Court Decision to Deny Disney World Summary Judgment Involving Slip and Fall Off Curb

Although the Walt Disney World slogan is that the amusement park is "the happiest place on earth," dense crowds, darkness, and visual distractions create an atmosphere that increases the risk of a serious fall. Guests of the "Magic Kingdom" or other Florida amusement parks can suffer severe injury when falling because of improper maintenance of walkways, sidewalks, and parking lots. Our amusement park accident lawyers recognize that visitors injured in falls while touring theme parks or other major tourist attractions in Florida frequently face an uphill battle. In this blog, we review a case where a plaintiff effectively used evidence provided by the theme park's own expert to withstand summary judgment. 

Miami Cruise Crime Victim Attorney Discusses a Violent Sexual Assault of Passenger That Serves as a Cautionary Tale for Travelers

When passengers choose a cruise as their mode of travel, they reasonably anticipate that the crew will provide an enjoyable and safe experience. The last thing cruise guests expect is that they will become a violent crime victim with the perpetrator being a member of the staff or crew hired to make the experience an enjoyable voyage. Unfortunately, stories of passengers being attacked, raped, or killed by the criminal acts of cruise ship personnel appear far too frequently in media reports. In this blog post, our Miami cruise ship accident attorneys review such an incident that resulted in a confidential settlement between the cruise line and the passenger. 

Tractor-Trailer Accident Lawyers Provide Primer Regarding the Issue of Proximate Cause in the Context of a Chain Reaction Big-Rig Crash

The bulk, length, and weight of a fully loaded tractor-trailer mean that many trucking accidents often cause incredible carnage. Most drivers have been stuck at traffic backups while emergency responders attempt to clear the wreckage of a semi-truck accident. The ensuing chaos often ties up multiple lanes of traffic for hours. The resulting interruptions in traffic flow, obstacles in the roadway, and presence of emergency responders increases the risk of multi-car pileups. These types of accidents raise complicated litigation issues because they frequently involve multiple impacts, injury victims, negligent parties, and insurance companies. In the midst of this confusion, sorting out the responsible parties is complicated as the many parties and their insurance companies attempt to shift the blame. In this blog, our Miami tractor-trailer accident lawyers discuss an appellate decision from another state that illustrates the challenges raised by a traffic back-up caused by a tractor-trailer that is involved in an initial collision.

Los abogados de accidentes de camiones de la Florida observan un juicio de $12.6 millones de dólares que refleja la importancia del uso del cinturón de seguridad en los accidentes de camiones

Nuestros abogados de accidentes de camiones de la ciudad de Miami reportan que un jurado en el Condado de Escambia devolvió un veredicto por $12.6 millones de dólares en los daños causados por un accidente de camión alrededor de seis (6) meses atrás. Pensacola News Journal informó que Jey Michael Hendrix y su esposa estaban conduciendo a través de una intersección en su auto Jeep Wrangler cuando fueron golpeados por un camión industrial de propiedad de la compañía con sede en Alabama Burford's Tree Surgeons. Los conductores del camión giraron a la izquierda en la intersección en el camino del Jeep Wrangler. Debido a que el conductor del camión industrial cometió un giro a la izquierda inseguro, la defensa se centró en impugnar los daños. La defensa sostuvo que la gravedad de las lesiones sufridas por el señor Hendrix empeoró porque no llevaba el cinturón de seguridad.

Homeowners Insurance Attorneys Analyze When Claims for Separate Properties Listed on a Single Policy Are Considered a Series of Independent Claims for Appraisal Purposes

Our homeowners insurance attorneys Florida appraisal process can be an effective remedy for policyholders engaged in a dispute with their insurance company where the sole issue is the value of the property and/or amount of loss. However, an insured cannot compel an insurer to submit to appraisal until issues regarding coverage have been resolved. An interesting issue that arises when multiple buildings are listed under a single policy is whether the resolution of coverage issues regarding one or more of the buildings makes the entire claim "ripe," which means ready for litigation (or the appraisal process).